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Believe it or not, the weather has turned a bit here in Southern California and the nights are starting to get a bit chilly. One of the first signs that it’s getting a bit cold is the way my skin freaks out. Basically my skin gets so dry that it itches like crazy and moisturizers become my best friends. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a super mild moisturizer that won’t make my skin freak out even more. When I saw the Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter at the iFabbo shop, I decided to give this a chance since it sounded so incredibly luxurious. Just take a look at the luxe look of the container:

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter 1I am a huge fan of beautiful packaging so I definitely liked the appearance of the container. This body butter is made from the honey of Black Bees and Royal Jelly and is scented with Honey and Oriental Woods.

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter 2The product inside is incredibly soft and buttery and melts into your skin leaving it soft and not super greasy. I wish I had other positive things to say about this product, but I found it unusable. The problem is that I have a serious problem with scents. This product has a sweet smell that is overpowering and it made me sick. You know what I liken the scent to? Raisinets…kind of fruity and chocolatey. I do have to say that I am much more sensitive to scents than the average person because a lot of different scents make me sick. If it wasn’t for the scent, I probably would be enjoying this body butter this Winter, but sadly it did not work for me.

If you are familiar with Perlier products and enjoy them, you might want to check this out on HSN, I have a coupon code to share with you should you want to purchase this product: the code iFabbo5 will get you $5 off your Perlier purchase. I’ve seen a lot of people give this product great reviews so maybe it’s something you might like.

Have you tried any Perlier products? Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have had a nice weekend.


4 thoughts on “Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

  1. Such a shame it didn’t work out for you, but I totally know what you mean about scents being a deal-breaker for an otherwise pleasant product. Sometimes a product’s scent smells nice to me at first, but when it lingers on me and I can still smell it hours later… it makes me nauseous! The exception to this would of course be my favorite perfumes haha – in which case, I like it to linger. But other than that – no lingering scents for me!!

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  2. Ddddaaaammmnnn, that looks FANCY!
    I love body butters, but I’m not sure about “honey” and “oriental woods.” *side eyes* Those things don’t sound like they belong together. I kind of want to smell it now, though, lol. Call it the Kleancolor effect. 😉

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