Orosa Beauty Fall Collection 2019

I know that I’m super late posting these swatches, but I have an excuse. They also fell victim to the SD card that disappeared during my move. I wanted to re-swatch the collection, but then I had so much stuff in storage that it all fell by the wayside. WHen I moved, I got a hard lesson in living simple and not having a bunch of stuff that I didn’t really need. I feel that I am now living with a mindset of getting rid of anything that I don’t use daily–like Marie Kondo x1,000. So here I am with these lost and found swatches; well, I guess better late than never! Orosa excels at creating gorgeous and smooth cremes and this collection is no exception. Let me show you my swatches of the Orosa Beauty Fall Collection for 2019.



Orosa Beauty Fall Collection

Rose Quartz


Orosa Beauty Fall Collection

Orosa Beauty Fall Collection



Orosa Beauty Fall Collection



Orosa Beauty Fall Collection



Orosa Beauty Fall Collection



Orosa Beauty Fall Collection


This collection is kind of funny, don’t you think? I mean, half of it is very Spring-y and then the other three shades are deeper and super Fall-inspired. I’m not complaining about this because all the shades are beautiful, but it doesn’t quite seem like a cohesive collection. I much prefer the three deeper shades, but the three light shades also have their place as nice and delicate shades. Sometimes you need something simple, clean and sophisticated. All of these shades had a similar formula and I did not struggle with any of them. They were all opaque with 2 coats which is pretty standard for a creme.

If you’re interested in picking up any of these shades from the Orosa Beauty Fall Collection, you can head on over to their site here. They retail for $12 each or you can purchase these as 2 different trios: the Fall trio and the pre-Fall trio for $31 each. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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4 thoughts on “Orosa Beauty Fall Collection 2019

  1. I was going to say the same thing as you! It’s like half spring and half fall but the colors would probably be gorgeous together for art. I love cremes!

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