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Let me complain just a little bit right now: It is so dang hot today!!! It should not be 88 degrees in the freaking middle of Winter. You have no idea how irritated I am about this because I feel like I can deal and accept summer temperatures during the Summer, but not during the months when I’m supposed to be enjoying cooler temps. I know California weather is not typical and that we don’t really have Winters, but how is this even normal? Ok, I’m going to stop. As if you couldn’t tell already, hot weather makes me grumpy. Anyway, today I want to alert you that Nicole by OPI & Dove have teamed up for an awesome sweepstakes where there will be 25,000 winners!!! Say what?! Yes, 25,000 winners! Before I get to the sweepstakes details, I want to show you the two gorgeous polishes that you can win!

aAre you a chocoholic too? Because I am!

Nicole by OPI Promises In The Dark 1aNicole by OPI Promises In The Dark 2Nicole by OPI Promises In The Dark

Nicole by OPI Better After Dark 1aNicole by OPI Better After Dark 2Nicole by OPI Better After Dark

Aren’t both of these gorgeous? The formula on both of them is perfect: creamy, very pigmented and smooth. I had absolutely no problem with application. Aren’t these the perfect colors for a chocolate inspired duo? Now for the fun part…

To enter the Discover Your Dark Side in the New Year Sweepstakes:

From now through February 5, 2014, DOVE® Chocolate Facebook fans can enter once per day for a chance to win one (1) of the 25,000 NICOLE by OPI® kits, which include:

§  A coupon for a free DOVE® Dark Chocolate Bar (1.34 oz. – 1.44 oz.)

§  Better After Dark NICOLE by OPI® Nail Lacquer Bottle

§  Promises in the Dark NICOLE by OPI® Nail Lacquer Bottle

To enter, simply “like” the DOVE® Chocolate Facebook page and click on the Sweepstakes tab to enter your name, email address, shipping address and date of birth.  The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States who are age 13 or older on or before December 27, 2013. All winners will be selected at random by an independent agency in the week following the sweepstakes.

For more information, please visit or

Go enter now! What are you waiting for? Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Nicole by OPI & Dove: Discover Your Dark Side in the New Year Sweepstakes

  1. Haha… I’m with you on the weather. I wish it would at least vary a little less– we are getting close to a 40 degree difference between daytime highs ands nighttime lows! I can’t turn the heater on at night either or else by the time the sun comes up it is already too hot. Of course, I wouldn’t trade for the wintery weather elsewhere, it just seems silly to be chilly all night only to be overheated all day!

    1. I have been sleeping with the windows open all night, and it still feels too warm at night…so much so that I woke up all sweaty which is gross. I am so done with this crazy weather!

  2. Okay wow! Those are AMAZING! Ugh I need to find them asap. I’m lucky to find new collections of anything where I live! I hear you on the weather! Florida doesn’t know if it wants to be hot, cold, windy, rainy or all of it!

  3. Yeah, what the heck, surprise summer weather? It’s not as hot here as it is there…probably 10-15 degrees less. I can handle it because low-mid 70s is workable, but much beyond that and I’ll get grump-ay! I do wake up pushing all my blankets off, so, hmph!
    So these are some hottie mchotterson browns, haha. I’m not a huge fan of brown, but dayum, OPI – nailed it!
    I am saddened that my phone auto-corrected “dayum” to “datum”…nerd alert!!!
    Now I want chocolate…

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