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Mondays suck. There, I said it. I was feeling down in the dumps last night about a variety of things and also because I was dreading going in to work this morning.  So I started to think about fun things, and I fell asleep thinking about how great it felt to be a kid without all the adult worries. Isn’t it crazy how when you’re a kid, all you wish is that you could be a grown up but when you’re an adult you look back on the simplicity of childhood with a fond nostalgia? Well, last night I had a dream about one of the funnier episodes of my childhood.

You’ve got to imagine what I was like as a child: I am the oldest child. My first words were “¿Qué es eso?” which means “What’s that?” in Spanish. I was bossy, loud and kind of obnoxious. Oh, and the worst part was that I had a crazy imagination. Since I grew up in such a bad neighborhood, my mom wouldn’t let my brother and I go outside and play because she didn’t want us running into crack whores or pimps and also didn’t want us finding another dead body. Yes, I said another because I did find a dead body when I was like 4. Anyway, this forced my brother and I to find ways to entertain ourselves. One particular day, I decided that we should jump up and down on my parent’s bed. We were literally going batshit crazy, and I accidentally jumped right on the edge of the mattress and the wooden base just snapped. Holy crap, I still remember what it felt like to realize we had just broken my parent’s bed. My brother, who was a major momma’s boy and cried about everything at the drop of a hat, started bawling because he knew we were in deep shit. I pulled him aside and told him that we were going to pretend like we knew nothing about the bed. We conspired to get my mom to go into their room and have her sit on the edge of the bed and then act surprised that she broke the bed. Only a 6 and 4 year old would consider this a good idea. We tried to act normal, but I’m sure that we looked like a couple of spaz balls. When we finally got my mom to come in and sit down on the bed, she knew exactly what had happened. I remained pokerfaced while my brother burst into tears and pretty much sold me down the river. I’ll spare you the details of our punishment, but I can tell you I’m still bitter about my brother being such a crybaby. These are the things I remember the most about how awesome it was to be a kid.

Now that I have regaled you with my ridiculous childhood adventure, let’s get to the polish. These lovely polishes were a gift from a reader (thank you, Heather!) Two of these polishes are shimmers and the other two are holos so let’s take a look at the shimmers first. Get ready for Mentality Nail Polish shimmer domination!







Mentality Nail Polish Patience




Mentality Nail Polish Vigilance


The formula on both of these polishes is identical. I am sorry to say that they are super finicky and kind of a pain in the ass. I figured out that it’s super important not to overwork the polish–they act almost like really touchy metallic chrome polishes. You may have noticed some bubbling on my swatches, and that is the result of overworking the polish. It’s too bad that they acted this way because the colors are out of this world. If you try these out, I highly recommend that you try to apply the polish in one swipe without going over the same spot while it’s freshly applied and also let each coat dry before applying another. These polishes are super pigmented, and I only needed two coats for full coverage.







Mentality Nail Polish Entice




Mentality Nail Polish Charm


These are the two holos that I was most excited about. Unfortunately, my pictures don’t really capture the pretty holo effect too well, but I can tell you that they look gorgeous in sunlight. I had a much better application experience with these because I learned from the issues I had with the shimmers. These polishes are super opaque and you *might* be able to get away with one coat if you’re careful, but I applied two coats out of habit. These two colors are so UNIQUE in my holo collection so I am seriously in love with them.


Overall, I am pleased with my first experience with Mentality Nail Polish. I wish they hadn’t been so finicky, but I definitely think they are worth the effort because these colors are gorgeous and out of this world.

I couldn’t resist sharing that because I used to watch Out Of This World religiously, and I can still sing the whole intro theme song. I know, I’m a nerd.

So, if you’re interested in seeing more of what Mentality Nail Polish has to offer, make sure that you follow them on facebook because they always have updates AND they are currently running a 25% off sale! Seriously…go buy some. NOW! You can find them at the following places:



Big Cartel:

Let me know what you think of these polishes! I’d love to hear what you think. And one more time, a huge thanks to Heather for being so kind and awesome!


11 thoughts on “Mentality Nail Polish – Swatches & Review

  1. Oh the stories we could tell lol – I still don’t think I would like to be back to my childhood days tbh lol

    Thanks for sharing your little snippet <3

  2. Cynthia, i love your stories! you remind me of myself!!

    I was the same, but loud is the best description.. oh and i was so naughty, i had like this little evil mind to make people do bad things and then let them took the blame, because like i always used to say: i didn’t point you with a gun, you decided to do it.
    the worst thing i did, and i just mention it because he would never read this, was that i challenged my brother to kiss a fat old lady ass.. LOL hahahaha I’m laughing while remembering. well, he did it..

    ohh the lady’s face was PRICELESS and my mum’s face even worst.. poor thing. she was just so ashamed ahahahaahaha

    i’m just afraid of having children. people say that whatever you did to your parents, your children will do it 10 times worst.
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Spun Sugar NailsMy Profile

  3. Oh my gosh but that blue is positively gorgeous. Well so is the gold and dusty green too, but that blue just jumped off the screen at me. Your story reminds me of my parent’s broken bed. Only I recall my Daddy tossed Mom onto the bed playing, well I was 4 and he was home on leave from the military….okay, but yeah they broke the bed and I remember thinking it was really funny and giggling about it at the time. Very glad it wasn’t me as I do remember jumping on that bed like a trampoline with my little brother too.

  4. Polishes: I love the gold of course and now I need a gold holo. It will complete my life. HOWEVER, the other colours are BOMBING too!! I loved the orange on you!

    Childhood memories: Ok so I dont wana share ALL my memories but I used to read/look at my granddad’s hustler mags and I was convinced that that’s what i wanted to do when I grew up… I also used to walk around with his empty beer bottles and say I’m going to the shops to buy booze and beer… I was such a strange child… I’m stills strange LMAO
    Siobhan recently posted..Untried Polish Challenge 8: NewestMy Profile

  5. omg what crap! lol he sold you out, not cool! lol that is too funny though that as young as you were you were plotting already haha made me feel like I was there, I always love your stories!
    I am loving these polishes, they are so gorgeous, I am loving the blue and the orange the best although I dont know how that orange would look on my pasty skin :/
    amanda (mae) recently posted..NOTD 143 – Ruby SequinMy Profile

  6. I was totally thinking about the simplicity of childhood just a few nights ago! I was coming back from walking Leeloo and there was a kid on my street out messing around on his skateboard. I was thinking remember when you had time to just go outside and derp around? No laundry or bills or whatever you should be doing, just literal free time? And you didn’t even realize it then, but perhaps that’s part of the magic of being a kid. You shouldn’t realize that you’re going to have to deal with being an adult when you’re a kid…that’ll ruin it! Funny thing is, I couldn’t wait to “grow up”…WTF was I thinking???
    My first word was “apple,” which my parents made way too big of a to-do over because it was a two-syllable word. It was because of my alphabet book. 🙂 My brother’s was “light.” I remember that one…were all sitting at the breakfast table and my parents were so excited.
    Hilarious story! I was kind of bossy to my brother, too, but not so much otherwise, I don’t think. Isn’t it funny how you planned out elaborate schemes as to how not to get into trouble when you were a kid? It must have been so obvious to our parents, hahaha.
    “Mentality Nail Polish shimmer domination!” reminds me of that part in Bring It On when the choreographer comes in and brings the “prepare for total domination” song. I just put down whatever random thoughts come to mind while reading, if you haven’t noticed. 😉
    Patience and Vigilance are AMAZING, but I know I would lack the skill to not have them look completely pathetic.
    Out of This World!!! I still want to reference the hand gesture when she freezes time, but no one knows what it is, so I kind of stopped, haha. I always remember this show and Small Wonder together.

  7. Ummmm are you sure you “found” the body? If thats the story you’re sticking to I guess I’ll let it go *stare*
    btw I really like Entice the most out of these, it would make a really great autumn polish.
    Frosso recently posted..Hit Polish GemtasticMy Profile

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