Let’s Celebrate!

How do I celebrate? By buying all sorts of pretty nail polishes, of course!

I’ll work on swatches for these new babies soon.

Now, the reason I’m celebrating is because I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today. I wanted to talk to him about writing a letter for me so that I can get an emotional support pet which is the only way my landlord will allow me to have one. My doctor wants to see more of an effort from me in keeping up with regular appointments and taking my meds before he writes a letter for me. While I was a bit disappointed at first, I soon realized he was right.  He wants me to focus on helping myself before I take on the responsibility of a pet…and I’m fine with that. At least now I know that I will eventually be able to have a dog of my own! So much to look forward to.

And because I am in an especially great mood right now, I also made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Yes, today was a good day.

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