The Lacquer Ring – Purple

I’m kind of grouchy right now. Not just kind of….but rather super pissed. I had typed up this post and was getting ready to schedule it. When I hit schedule, I got an error message from wordpress that said something like “Are you sure you want to do this?” Then when I tried to go back to my post, it was gone…all of it. I wanted to throw my computer across the room because somehow that would make it all better, right? Anyway, let me get over my bitter party of one right now and get back to the main point of this post–it’s all about ME! Yep, me. I got to pick the color for today’s The Lacquer Ring post so of course I had to go with purple because….well, is there any other choice? Let me show you the purple beauty I decided to use today.

123This gorgeous polish is Illamasqua Prosperity and has a unique rubber finish. It’s not quite satin not matte…it really is rubber-like! I absolutely adore Illamasqua, but ever since Sephora stopped carrying the brand, there really is nowhere to get it locally and I refuse to pay for shipping. I’m cheap like that. When Amy told me that Illamasqua was back on Hautelook, I freaked the efff out and headed over there to see what they had. Six polishes later and 10 minutes of cursing Amy for tempting me this way, I got my hands on a few polishes that I had been kicking myself for missing. Ok, I didn’t really curse Amy but dangit she is such an enabler! The only thing I hate about Hautelook is that the shipping takes freaking eons so I should expect to get my polishes by…2017?

456Since I’m all about the bling, bout the bling, no treble…oh wait, no. I had to make everything sparkly so I applied a coat of Delush Polish Nue Girl (press sample) just cause I love it and cause I love sparkles. You guys…I am dying about the upcoming spring collection that Delush has for us. Like seriously dying over how gorgeous it is. Ok, I’ll stop gushing.

Well, I hope that you like this gorgeous purple as much as me. Do you have any purple polish recommendations for me? I’m always excited to find new purples so let me know below! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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14 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – Purple

  1. You chose a beautiful purple for today’s post. My favorite purple is Formula X’s Equinox – a purple micro-glitter in sheer purple. It covers well in 2 to 3 coTs, depending how thick the coats are. I enjoy your work here, very much.

  2. Firstly, I hate you, Secondly, I hate you, Thirdly I love you
    So I LOVE this color and it’s been on my wishlist I can’t remember I’m pretty sure I still haven’t gotten it lol. Secondly I love that topper and thirdly this is amazing so I still love you lol
    Amanda recently posted..The Lacquer Ring – PurpleMy Profile

  3. Hahahahahahahah I’m all about that bling that bling NO TREBLE! LOVE it!
    I like the rubber purple. Reminds me of a super hero outfit. You’d be sexy in laytex 😉 hehe
    The bling goes perfect with it too… I admit that I thought we’d be having um some purple water marble here
    Siobhan recently posted..The Lacquer Ring – PurpleMy Profile

  4. Honestly purple?! Well of course is there any other choice? For me it’s not. I’d love to be like The Crumpet when I grow up, she has over 300 purple polishes. Head over to drk nails and check out jade’s holographic fascinio violeta it’s only $5!

  5. That purple is so pretty it almost makes me mad….. I finally signed up for Haute Look the last time they had Illamasqua on and most of the colors I wanted were gone (including facet) arrrrrggghh! I was hesitant to try the rubber finishes and passed on boost which i’m regretting. Now I want boosh again AND Prosperity. I want all the Illamasqua and it makes me sad they are basically out of the US market….do we suck that bad???

  6. Who doesn’t love a rubberised polish? Your pic is lovely. My all time fave is Jessica Nails Purple Burst – it’s so juicy and edible looking!

  7. I was not a fan of those rubber finishes, but of course this looks gorgeous on you and now I am reconsidering, lol. I’m also now quite interested in seeing what’s up with Delush for spring, haha. If you day it’s good, then, it’s good.
    Remember when you were NOT all about that bling? My, how times have changed! 😉
    Also, lol at Amanda.

  8. Thank you for persevering with this post, I know that feeling all too well of losing your work. Purple is my favorite color, this manicure looks great, definitely the type to make you smile every time you look at it. Have you ever tried Colors by Llarowe “Connie You Saucy Minx”? Layered over a purple or dark base it is simply amazing, illuminated from within – it’s currently my favorite purple polish and I highly recommend it to you.

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