KBShimmer Insert Coin – PPU June 2018

Did you hear that the theme for June PPU is video games? Ahhhh! I am so excited about this because video games were my life when I was a kid. I know I’m aging myself here, but I remember begging my parents for an NES. They didn’t get us one right away, but when they finally did, it was like my life was made. Prior to that, my brother was obsessed with arcades, so I was all too familiar with hoarding a bunch of coins so we could go to the arcade. For the months of video game inspiration, I have a gorgeous polish to share with you: KBShimmer Insert Coin. Let’s dive right in!



KBShimmer Insert Coin

Here is the brand’s description and information:

Today’s kids have it easy, they whip out a phone, or plug in a game system and they can be online playing games instantly. Back in the good ole days, video games were expensive to own, so kids headed down to the video arcade with pockets jingling, ready to reach for that high score. The lights of the machines beckoned, bold graphics on machines invited you to fight street style, shoot invaders, or munch some ghosts, but only after you inserted those coins. Insert Coins is a nod to those arcades of the past. This polish looks dull in the bottle. But hit that bronze shade with a magnet and watch the magic come alive! Instantly, you see vibrant blue and purple multichrome while a band of gold will appear. A dusting of holo flakes complete this jaw dropping polish for a color that will take you back to those days of joy sticks and coins.


KBShimmer Insert Coin

KBShimmer Insert Coin

KBShimmer Insert Coin

When you first apply this polish, it is a rather dull metallic; it’s nothing out of this world, but when you hit it with your magnet, hot damn the magic appears. As far as application, I did one coat on all my nails and then I worked one nail at a time by applying a thicker second coat and immediately applying the magnet. I think that magnetics are making such a huge comeback, but they are a million times more interesting now compared to the stuff we got a few years ago.

In case you are not familiar with Polish Pick Up, it is a once a month event where customers vote on a theme, makers create polishes and products based on a theme, and the items are on sale for 4 days only! June’s sale dates are 06/01/18-06/04-18. KBShimmer Insert Coin will retail for $11.50 and will have no cap. A magnet may be purchased separately for $3.00. So what do you think about this polish? Will you be picking up a bottle? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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KBShimmer Insert Coin KBShimmer Insert Coin KBShimmer Insert Coin KBShimmer Insert Coin

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