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The weekend can’t get here fast enough for me. I’m currently sitting here just wanting to cry uncontrollably just looking forward to having my weekend to rest. I haven’t been sleeping well this week so of course I’m completely beat down mentally. The fact that work is kicking my ass and the lack of sleep has been a lethal combo so now I just want some mental peace and quiet. Yeah, I know I probably sound all melodramatic, but that’s just how horrid I’m feeling right now. I don’t really know why I’m even posting right now except that certain days it just feels GOOD to post and feel like I’m doing something that I really enjoy. But enough of my pity party of one! After all, tomorrow is Friday which means that I am going to go watch Noah and I’m going to have a yummy dinner. That’s what I have to look forward to tomorrow…that and sleeping in. So the polish I have for you today is China Glaze Who’s Wearing What from the Creme Couture Collection which also spawned the lovely Channelesque. I’ve had this polish for a while now, but hadn’t used it lately and it just called out to me when I was organizing my melmers recently

China Glaze Who's Wearing What 1China Glaze Who's Wearing What 2I think that this polish lightened up a bit on me since the last time I used it because it looked more purple to me previously. Still, I really love this color. The formula is a little bit of a beast because it was streak city. I applied 3 coats and it still looked gross so I decided to try to smooth it out with Seche Vite. Magically, the polish evened out!

OPI Snowflakes In The Air 1OPI Snowflakes In The Air 2And because I fel like I needed a little bling, I applied a coat of OPI Snowflakes In The Air (press sample). Doesn’t it look super gorgeous? I love this combination and  how dreamy it looks. I did these swatches before I reshaped my nails so don’t freak out about my magical nails, ok? I’m really missing this old shape but now it’s going to be a long process to grow them square again. The funny thing is that I never hesitate to cut my hair pixie short yet I really have to think about cutting my nails…what a ding dong, right?

What do you have planned for this weekend? I hope you have a nice Friday tomorrow! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

10 thoughts on “China Glaze Who’s Wearing What

  1. Oh honey, I know exactly how you feel about being so mentally exhausted that you just need an emotional release. <3 I hope you can get lots of rest this weekend.

    This color looks absolutely gorgeous on you, you can pull these colors off so well! And I just picked up Snowflakes in the Air the other day, so excited to try it out because it's so blingy! 🙂
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  2. Sorry you were having a crappy week. If it makes you feel any better, I’m kind of having a crappy week, now, hahaha. Ah, well, it’ll pass.
    These nails…WHOO, BOY! I just love them. They’re like elegant, fun, classy, pretty, and funky, all at the same time. So, yes, it most definitely does look super gorgeous. 🙂
    Your comment about not hesitating to chop your hair, but hesitating to chop your nails is funny. I guess I am the opposite…I am not *completely* terrified to chop my hair (although I haven’t in some time), but I chop my nails pretty routinely. I think I just went three manis without a chop…that’s a preeetttyyy long time for me, haha.

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