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Last week when I went on a polish shopping binge, I ended up finding a few polishes that weren’t really on my radar. Of course I got excited and wanted to buy EVERYTHING, but I finally settled on picking a few out that really called to me. That is how I ended up with 3 out of 6 polishes from the China Glaze Surprise Collection. To be honest, this collection is a surprise because I’ve hardly heard anything about it. I am such a masochist because I keep buying China Glaze religiously even though I usually end up disappointed. The Surprise Collection is an all glitter-topper collection, so I figured they really couldn’t go wrong with this…right? Let’s take a look at my swatches.

China Glaze Don't Be A Flake 1China Glaze Don't Be A Flake 2China Glaze Don’t Be A Flake

China Glaze Shine-nanigans 1China Glaze Shine-nanigans 2China Glaze Shine-nanigans

China Glaze Glimmer More 1China Glaze Glimmer More 2China Glaze Glimmer More

Since these are glitter toppers, I can tell you that they are kind of hard to apply. It’s very difficult to get a lot of the glitter on the brush and when you do, you can swipe it right off if you’re not careful. In order to get the glitter on my nails, I had to do the dabbing method, but this caused some difficulties–namely bubbles. I hate bubbles. If you’re careful not to get excessive amounts of the clear base on your nails, you should be ok. So what do I think about these? Uhm, I actually really like them even thought I wasn’t expecting to. I think they are fun, cute and a quick way to spice up any polish. Alas, I am not excited enough about these to want to keep them so to the blog sale they go.

What do you think about these glitters? Are they your cup of tea? Are you excited about any of the upcoming China Glaze collections? Let me know what you think below. Thanks so much for the visit, and enjoy the rest of your day!

24 thoughts on “China Glaze Surprise Collection

  1. Don’t know what CG was thinking with this collection, but it’s so off the mark in every way. Completely disappointing. As a polish collector I’ve experienced the best and worst of polishes. I have glitter polishes that spread like butter. I hate the ones that do not have a perfect base to glitter ratio therefore depositing more goop than glitter. Bubbling? Not acceptable at all either. Polish has come so far and so many have shown how to do it right that there is no room for these half baked, less than stellar, poor quality collections. Oh well! Thanks for helping me save my money. 😎

  2. I was really excited for these… And why? Like you said, china glaze has just disappointed me so much lately!! 🙁 I think these are like “ok” but not anything too special. I really have a problem w the thick base the larger glitters have. Apparently it must be a necessary evil because they all have it but I ALWAYS get bubbles and it really makes me mad. I don’t want to spend 5000 hours brushing out the bubbles, and even if you can’t see them from far away, I CAN SEE THEM and it drives me insane. I even try to super-thin my polishes like that, and it helps a little but not enough. It’s sooo frustrating!! Also frustrating is china glaze’s snoozeworthy creativity. Boo.
    Nicole recently posted..Stamping Saturday- A Favorite Color ComboMy Profile

  3. NO. No, no, no. I’ve lost pretty much all interest in China Glaze ’cause the new collections just keep disappointing. Where are the top notch quality cremes that Electropop had? Huh?? These glitters have fun color combinations but the hexes are too friggin big and look like some nail polish engineer (surely that is a real title) just forgot to finish these and went home too early. If these had a mix of different sized hexes I’d probably like them but now they just look like pieces of cardboard. Argh this infuriates me!! 😀

    Btw I’ve stopped trying to actually spread glitter toppers with the brush. It just never works. I apply all glitter toppers with a make-up sponge or a cotton bud, works like a charm 🙂

    1. GHAAAAAAAAAAAA! Electropop. That was such a great collection. Remember Up & Away? What happened to THAT China Glaze? I’m still going to keep purchasing because apparently I live for disappointment. One of these days they are going to woo me back.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Surprise CollectionMy Profile

      1. Up & Away!!!! Such great colors! Oh God how I miss that China Glaze. Avant Garden wasn’t all that bad either. I blame that Tranzitions-bullshit, it was the starting point of all this nonsense to come. Glad to hear you live for disappointment tho (sort of), it saves me money and produces really funny posts 😀 (still laughing at that Crinkled Chrome post :D)
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  4. You didn’t buy the entire collection?!?! Are you feeling OK? Hahaha.
    I agree that these were under the radar…I’m not sure I’d have known about these if it weren’t for Siobhan! I’m meh on them.

  5. I feel like mainstream brands have been churning out so much new polish every season that every brand is disappointing me. They’re just tweaking all the old stuff or copying something that has already been done. Am I the only one? What about 4-6 awesome stunning colors a season instead of 12 plus all these extra collections? I also feel this way about indie holos, too. Omg I think I’m forgetting how to polish. But I did just buy a dolphin glitter because it was just so new and different! And then I turned 11 years old haha
    Shelby Lou Nails recently posted..Spring Spectacular Giveaway!My Profile

  6. Do you think it’s just that we have reached polish saturation point? I mean how many more different polish colors or finishes are there left? Maybe I should have given CG more credit for the Crinkle Chromes…lol I would rather see a smaller collection with interested and good polishes as opposed to all these massive collections. I think that’s one of the reasons why I love LCN and Essie. But Essie has been on my shit list too so….
    Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Surprise CollectionMy Profile

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