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China Glaze Surprise Collection

China Glaze Surprise Collection




Last week when I went on a polish shopping binge, I ended up finding a few polishes that weren’t really on my radar. Of course I got excited and wanted to buy EVERYTHING, but I finally settled on picking a few out that really called to me. That is how I ended up with 3 out of 6 polishes from the China Glaze Surprise Collection. To be honest, this collection is a surprise because I’ve hardly heard anything about it. I am such a masochist because I keep buying China Glaze religiously even though I usually end up disappointed. The Surprise Collection is an all glitter-topper collection, so I figured they really couldn’t go wrong with this…right? Let’s take a look at my swatches.

China Glaze Don't Be A Flake 1China Glaze Don't Be A Flake 2China Glaze Don’t Be A Flake

China Glaze Shine-nanigans 1China Glaze Shine-nanigans 2China Glaze Shine-nanigans

China Glaze Glimmer More 1China Glaze Glimmer More 2China Glaze Glimmer More

Since these are glitter toppers, I can tell you that they are kind of hard to apply. It’s very difficult to get a lot of the glitter on the brush and when you do, you can swipe it right off if you’re not careful. In order to get the glitter on my nails, I had to do the dabbing method, but this caused some difficulties–namely bubbles. I hate bubbles. If you’re careful not to get excessive amounts of the clear base on your nails, you should be ok. So what do I think about these? Uhm, I actually really like them even thought I wasn’t expecting to. I think they are fun, cute and a quick way to spice up any polish. Alas, I am not excited enough about these to want to keep them so to the blog sale they go.

What do you think about these glitters? Are they your cup of tea? Are you excited about any of the upcoming China Glaze collections? Let me know what you think below. Thanks so much for the visit, and enjoy the rest of your day!