China Glaze Mahoganie

I don’t even know what to say about this nail polish. It’s glitter. I have issues with glitter. I love THIS glitter.  DOES NOT COMPUTE!

I think this glitter was part of the specialty glitter shades that were released by China Glaze a few years ago. It’s a chocolate pink base with glitter that dries very, very gritty so it will need a thick topcoat. The nice part about this glitter is that it only needs two coats! Hallelujah to baby Jesus on rollerskates! I found this at a beauty supply store that I go to once in a while. They still sell China Glaze for $2.50 but I have to wear a protective mask when I wander in there because the dust in that place is so thick that you can feel it in your lungs. Gross, I know…but they have $2.50 China Glaze!!! Enjoy the swatches!

So what do you think of my new beautiful little baby, Mahoganie?

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