China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection 2012

Hi everyone. Today I have the official information regarding China Glaze’s 2012 Holiday Collection: Holiday Joy! Ahhh…finally it’s starting to feel like Winter is just around the corner even if it’s still in the 80’s here in California.  I can’t wait for the temperatures to fall and for me to break out some California “Winter” clothes.

Check out the shades below!

Is it just me or is the puppy the star here?


Bringing tidings of good cheer, the China Glaze® Holiday Joy collection features 12 merry crèmes, glitters and shimmers including:

 Glistening Snow – Fine diamond-like silver glitter

Champagne Kisses – Bubbly rose gold glitter

Angel Wings – Delicate gold dust glitter

Winter Holly – Gold-flecked dazzling green glitter

Glitter All The Way – Exciting multi-color glitter

Pizzazz – Twinkling multi-dimensional glitter blend

Blue Bells Ring – Icy blue shimmer

Pure Joy – Fiery red glitter with gold particles

Red Satin – Silky blue-based red crème

With Love – Classic red crème with a hint of orange undertones

Merry Berry – Rich berry red crème

Cranberry Splash – Ruby red shimmer


The China Glaze® Holiday Joy collection will be available in November 2012 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide.

Are there any shades you’re interested in getting? What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?


3 thoughts on “China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection 2012

  1. I completely agree about the puppy! The model is not doing it for me! The red under the blonde hair, the weird kissy face, the jewelry…not likin’ it.
    Also not really likin’ the five “red” ones. I could be interested in Champagne Kisses, depending on how rose gold it is, because I love rose gold. Maybe Glitter All The Way and Pizzazz, but I’d have to see them more closely. I kinda like Winter Holly, although I have a green Orly glitter that probably suffices. I am always drawn to blue, so Blue “Balls” Ring is probably my fave! Thus concludes my randomly-too-detailed breakdown of the collection. 😉

  2. I really like Angel wings. I don’t have anything gold now that I realise it and it’ll make very stunning ombre looks for the holiday!
    My fav thing about the holidays? Hmmm… Not much. But I like that my fiance goes on holiday at that time & that we got engaged on Christmas day. That’s it.

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