China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Collection – My 3 Picks

As a reformed polish hoarder, I no longer rush out to get whole collections just for the thrill of getting a whole collection. I have become a little more discriminating when it comes to my polish purchases so when my local beauty supply got the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Collection, I rushed over to see what it looked like in person. I’m not going to lie: the colors are pretty but most of them are not unique or must-haves for me. After my initial impressions, I decided to get three polishes from this collection: Water You Waiting For, It’s A Trap-eze! and Whirled Away.

China Glaze Water You Waiting For Swatch          China Glaze Water You Waiting For Swatch

Water You Waiting For was the first polish that caught my attention. I can never resist a good blue–especially a blue glitter. I know some of you are probably snickering since only a few months ago, I was a sworn glitter hater. Don’t fret–I’ve seen the error of my ways. I was hoping that this glitter would be a little more opaque (like the fine glitters from the On Safari Collection) but the glitter is not as fine and the formula is a little thin. I applied three coats here, and I felt like it definitely needed all three.

China Glaze It's A Trap-eze! Swatch          China Glaze It's A Trap-eze! Swatch

It’s A Trap-eze! is one of those milky glitters that have been popping up so much lately and that I always fall for. This reminds me of the Nails Inc. Sprinkles polishes without having the awesome one coat formula. I applied two coats here and as you can see, I have quite a few bald spots. Despite the mediocre formula, I still really like this polish because it’s like a birthday party explosion on my nails.

China Glaze Whirled Away Swatch Over China Glaze Aquadelic          China Glaze Whirled Away Swatch Over China Glaze Aquadelic

Whirled Away was the glitter I zeroed in on when I first saw promo pictures because I was so excited to see a mainstream brand take some direction from the indie community.  This is not a dupe of Sticks ‘n Stones, Putting On The Ritzzz or Connect The Dots but it is obviously similar.  I layered this over China Glaze Aquadelic, and I quite like this combination. You will have to do some dabbing to get the large glitter to go where you want it to, but I think it’s worth the effort.

Overall I am pleased with these three polishes, but I feel slightly underwhelmed. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m glad I only picked up these three. I’m not saying that I won’t perhaps get a couple of other colors once I see swatches and convince myself that I MUST have them. That’s just something every polish lover has to contend with.

So, let me know what you think. Have you spotted these polishes yet? Are there any colors that you can’t wait to get your hands on from this collection?

23 thoughts on “China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Collection – My 3 Picks

    1. I give China Glaze props for jumping on the “different” glitter bandwagon. I’m going to wait and see more swatches to decide if I want any other colors from this collection.

  1. Ooh I can’t wait to get these. I am going to swap the blue for the green shimmer I think and add in the pinkish glitter like the b&w. It’s funny cuz I JUST said something about mainstream companies taking a cue from indies and then like 3 days later I see these!! I hope my Sally’s gets them quick. 🙂

    1. They seem to be popping up all over the place early even though they weren’t supposed to be out until December. Did you ever end up getting any of the sprinkles polishes?

    1. Yeah, totally. Even though I saw them all in person, these were the only three that really interested me. That may change once I start seeing more swatches but hopefully I’ll just be fine with these.

  2. Your Sallys is so much better than mine! Omg so not fair 🙁 Mine never even put out ANY of the Halloween collections. I kept checking all of september and october and NOTHING. Then I went back last week and they had all the Christmas stuff out. I was like you not observe halloween at this location?? 😛 So I highly doubt they have the Cirque yet, but of course I will check today just incase.
    I’m the same way with collections now. At first I only bought one or two cause I thought buying more than one polish at a time was just plain crazy. Silly silly me….then I became a blogger. Then I started to buy most of collections (not all unless they were tiny) but now I try to carefully select what I reeeaaally want which is why I try to buy them in store instead of online now. Although I always have that fear of not getting one that I’ll later regret and it ends up being a HTF. …. so stressful. I agree on It’s a Trap-eze…def a good pick. I really have to see all the rest in person to really decide though.
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    1. You know, I very rarely have to go to Sally’s fror my polish purchases. They just drive me absolutely bonkers because they all seem to be so clueless. It really drives me up the wall because you would think they would actually invest in educating their employees on what they sell!! But that’s just what we have come to expect from them. I tend to go to all the little independent places and they really know their stuff and even tell me when collections are going to come out in the future. lol This collection was so underwhelming in person so it’s a good idea to get a look at them before you decide which colors you want.

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS of your early access to collections! I haven’t even researched this one yet because I thought it was coming out a long time from now! Nonetheless, I like your picks, and I’m glad to see they’re branching out a bit, as well.

    1. You know me and my crazy beauty supply stores. Since I haven’t really been stalking them much, I was surprised when they had these so I had to pick a few up. Overall, I think I’ll pass on the rest of the collection.

  4. Water you waitign for looks very similar to OPI’s Absolutely Alice from what I can terll minus the green flecks if I am seeing this right… gorgeous!! Yes I am totally snickering, I feel like I was a part of your now glitter obsession, it seems like only yesterday you were afraid of it, lol. I am loving It’s a Trap-eze too! Super cute name, I love all of these colors I keep seeing that remind me of the Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix. And Whirled away I agree its very much like a lot of the indie brand polishes which I guess is why I am not as over the moon about it, overall beautiful colors, I haven’t gotten a chance to check out this collection just yet :/
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    1. I have heard so much about Absolutely Alice, but I missed out on that whole collection since it was before my polish hoarding days. The more I think about this collection, the less I find it interesting. I think it’s nice if you don’t already have a million similar polishes like we do. We’ve been talking about nail polish saturation points lately and maybe I’m reaching mine! lol I’m glad I only got these three because I don’t see myself picking up any of the other colors.

  5. Yeah, I totally thought I had to have EVERY polish in a collection when it came out. Although that never happened much for me, I now don’t mind only picking up a few instead of all of them. It’s a Trap-eze and Whirled Away are definitely my top two
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    1. I feel so much better about cutting down on my polish spending. I think that I get the chance to enjoy the polishes more when I only pick the ones I really want.

  6. The blue looks like its chunky and it will probably peel right off. I really wanted to get this but was hesitant because how chunky the glitters looked.

    1. I think the glitter is kind of chunky but i would describe it as gritty because it was so freaking rough and sucked up all my topcoat like nobody’s business. However, I didn’t have wear issues. I wore it for 2..almost 3 days and it didn’t peel off at all but I always wear a sticky basecoat like Orly Bonder.

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