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Since you’re here, you are probably a polish freakazoid like me so you will understand my excitement regarding today’s polish. Since I came into this obsession later in life (early 30’s), I missed out on TONS of amazing collections. I still want to cry tears of regret when I think of how amazing my local beauty supply stores must have been about 10 years ago. When the polish bug hit me in 2010/2011, I began to explore my local dusties but didn’t really know what was considered a HTF polish nor did I know how valuable they were. I’m sure that I passed up some amazing finds, but I can’t dwell too much on that because I will just get annoyed. Eventually I got smart and started making a wishlist of polishes I would love to have and always carried it with me—just in case. Imagine my surprise and joy when I came across a super old stash of polishes and amongst those dusty and rejected bottles, I spotted a few gems that made my heart skip a beat. Amongst the rubble of collections past, I found 2 of my biggest China Glaze lemmings:  Who’s Wearing What? and Channelesque.  Let’s take a look at Channelesque, shall we?

China Glaze Channelesque 1aChina Glaze Channelesque 2bChina Glaze Channelesque is a dusty lavender taupe mushroom-y dream. This color is so beautiful so I can imagine what a revelation it must have been when it first came out in 2004. Sadly, like so many gorgeous shades, it was discontinued. I had previously read that the formula was amazing: smooth, pigmented and opaque. WRONG! I don’t know if the polish change a bit in the bottle since it’s so old, but it was super streaky and goopy. In fact, it applied so poorly that I took off the polish and added a few drops of thinner to the bottle for round 2. The thinner made a world of difference because it applied so well this time around. For my swatches, I applied 2 coats and a coat of Seche Vite for extra shine.

Do you have any polishes that are on your major lemming list? How do you go about acquiring long discontinued polishes? I hate going to evilbay because the pricing is mostly ridiculous on there, so I try to go to local places. I’ve pretty much given up on getting certain polishes like those from the OMG! Collection, but I do think that some of my dusties have tons of hidden gems. One place in particular must have thousands of polishes, and I think I would need a whole day to go through that store. Anyway, I am planning to go to one of my nail places tomorrow hoping that they have some new collections…particularly the Sea Goddess Collection. I’m kind of excited about those! Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for another installment of Stamping Saturdays; I can’t wait to show you my mani! I hope you’re having a nice day, and I will talk to you soon!

19 thoughts on “China Glaze Channelesque

  1. I’m pretty sure I just saw this on a blog sale recently, I may need to go back and find it again… This looks gorgeous.

  2. Wooow! That is one gorgeous polish!! I love love LOVE polishes like that, I own a few but want many, many more! I have quite a few lemmings!

  3. So so pretty! Which polish thinner do you use and/or recommend? I have some polishes that are getting thick, mostly the ones I wear over and over again. I have the Seche Restore but I don’t know if that one is good for other products besides my loved Seche Vite.

    I also got nail polish crazy on or around 2011 so I passed on one of my tops lemmings: OPI Mad as a Hatter. Where do you look for old polishes girl?

    1. Seche Restore works great with any polish, but I buy the cheap kind at Sally’s for all my normal polishes. Since Seche Restore tends to be a little more pricey, I use it only for my Seche Vite. I go through a lot of thinner because I have so many old polishes that need it when I want to use them. I have a lot of beauty supply stores that I found through yelp. Usually those have a lot of older hidden gems.

  4. OMG! That is such a rich color!

    My hubby was reading behind my shoulder and said, “so that is the correct definition of your affliction – a polish freakazoid.”

    I think he said it with love…

  5. I knew this color was rare only because of you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known it existed! I have never, ever come across it. It looks magical on you.
    I don’t really have any of the old, much-revered polishes on my wishlist, I don’t think. I really have hope that one day you will stumble upon Essie Starry Starry Night at Polish Mecca.

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