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Remember when the OPI The Amazing Spider-man Collection came out? Yeah, me neither. The one thing I do remember is going super nuts over OPI Spotted which was a French exclusive.  I did manage to get a bottle of this through my French polish fairy, Sabrina, and I was super excited to try it out. I recall purchasing two polishes from the collection but they sat there collecting dust for a while. When I finally got around to trying them out, I was floored. OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls is such a beautiful polish that instantly became a favorite. Let’s take a look at my swatches below.

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls 1aOPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls 2The beauty of this polish lies in the beautiful creaminess and gloss of this slightly greyed white. It doesn’t have that stark white and chalky look that some white polishes tend to have so it’s a lot more wearable. Since this is a white polish, I was expecting an application beast, but it was fine with three thin coats. The first coat is a little scary because of the streakiness, but it evens out nicely.  You may not think this is anything special, but I assure you that it’s absolutely stunning in person.

Today I was thinking about making slow changes in my diet stuff. Since I was reading Marlena’s blog, I liked that she was talking about making slow changes. My first change is to not use the vending machines at work. Even when I think I am making a healthy choice with trail mix or something of the like, I am just a button away from those bags of Cheetos. I love Cheetos. I can’t be around them. So that’s my plan for this week. Small changes seem more manageable and those small changes will add up to big results over time. I think that my biggest hurdle is giving up coke. I drink about 2-3 diet cokes each day which I know is way too much. I do drink a lot of water and I like iced tea, but I just can’t seem to give up soft drinks. I love the carbonation and I love the coke taste. Uuughhh! If you’ve given up soft drinks, let me know if you have any advice or tips. So how’s your Thursday going? Mine has been pretty meh so far, and I’m already looking forward to my next day off. Thanks for the visit today, and I’ll catch up with you later.

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  1. Instead of soda, try mixing seltzer water with healthier options. You still get the carbonation, but you also get to have a healthy type drink. Yay for small changes.
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    1. I think that maybe giving up soft drinks should come later in the process because giving that up right now would kill me. Ugh, I hate that I love coke so much. Seltzer water is a good idea.

  2. It’s my very very VERY favorite “white”. I like it because it’s white but not WHITE. And the coverage is amazing. I have 4 backup bottles. Four. Yep. I’m crazy. Lol
    Gorgeous swatch.

  3. I love MBSW too! Best white ever!

    I made the switch a couple of months ago from caloric/caffeinated sodas to club soda + flavorings (a squeeze of lime or some apple juice or a squirt of Mio). I still get that happy fizziness and a little flavor, but with fewer (or no) calories and no caffeine. As long as I keep several 2L bottles of club soda on hand and one in the fridge, it’s an easy resolution to keep.

  4. I do remember when it came out, because 1. it had yet another Peridot dupe in it, and 2. I didn’t really like any of them, haha. I didn’t remember that’s when Spotted was released, though.
    You know my struggle with this polish. Everyone lauds it and I want to, too, but I just don’t get that reaction from my bottle, haha. I’ll keep trying, though.
    I also love Cheetos, but we won’t dwell on that! I have oddly largely improved what I’ve been drinking lately. I cut down on a lot of the splurge-y, fancy coffees, and mainly drink decaf green tea at work and water at home. Sometimes I add in a tiny bit of that flavor stuff (and I mean a small amount) just to take away the “plain” taste and trick myself into drinking it. Hey, small steps, haha.
    My Thursday’s been kind of “meh,” too, but I’ll take it. It’s a good tv night…oooo, so exciting, haha.

    1. I was specifically thinking of you when I emailed that I dared someone to tell me it wasn’t a great polish. 😛 I wonder if you got an off bottle maybe? I fell asleep pretty early last night and for some reason I thought Grey’s and Scandal came back last night. Womp womp. I’ll have to wait another month. I think I have finally given up on the fancy coffees because the last time I had a hazelnut macchiato, it too my stomach 3 days to recover from the milk.

  5. I’ve given up soft drinks for the most part. I still drink an occasional root beer, but anything else just makes my stomach feel uncomfortably full. I was never that fond of them, but it helped me removed soda from my diet to replace it with water when I was thirsty.

    Good luck!! :3 it’s tough but I don’t miss soda at all. When I drink it it just makes me feel lousy

    1. I hope that I can get there soon. I know soda is not good for me, but I just love it so much. Maybe if I could cut it down to one a day that wouldn’t be so bad…

  6. Diet Coke is my favorite too, so I feel your pain. I’ve found a really good substitute; Wal-Mart Clear American sparkling water. No calories, sugar, caffeine etc. and it is so delicious that I keep reading the label to make sure it’s really calorie free! They have tons of flavors but the Fuji-Apple Pear is my fave. The sad thing is there isn’t even a Wal-Mart in my area (NYC), so I rarely get any, but when I do have the option, I prefer the Clear American to my beloved Diet Coke.

    1. OOohhhh I’m going to have to check this out. Does it have artificial sweeteners? I’m thinking of banning soft drinks at my house but my parents are staying with me for a while and my dad cannot live without coke. I think I’m going to have to put my foot down!

  7. I purchased my third bottle of this a few weeks ago. It is getting harder to find now though!

    I can’t offer any advice on the coke thing, I drink 1.5 litres of water at work, then get home and start on Pepsi. I can’t drink water with a meal so I have Pepsi with it, then once I had the sugary hit I will probably have another!
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    1. I should grab some back ups before they become impossible to find.

      I think that if maybe I drink a lot more water, I will want to drink less coke. Maybe I will give that a try next week.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful swatches! Amazing polish indeed!
    As for the soft drinks … After you do some research on what Coke does to you, you’ll simply stop drinking it 🙂 Instead I drink Nestea with greentea and strawberries and some apple juice… And tons of water 🙂 You really don’t need anything else. It’s just the sugar talking right there 🙂 Just don’t think about soft drinks at work/home/grocery shop and you’ll see you’re not buying/drinking them 🙂 This works for sure!
    Good luck! xxx

    1. Oh, I know they are terrible for me and do a lot of damage to my body but it’s an addiction, I think. I am going to try to incorporate a lot of different drinks into my diet so that I can focus less on soft drinks. Thank you for the words of encouragement! 🙂

  9. I’ve had this polish on my wishlist for some time now, I’d love to wear it this spring/summer. It’s so minimalistic and cute! I like your blog btw, I think this might be my first time commenting 😉

  10. My best advice for giving up Coke is either A. the best option, cold turkey, or B. drinking only half a Coke, or a quarter of one, and either tossing or refrigerating the rest. Tossing is wasteful, yes, but will help you cope with your need. I am a waitress, so I have an unlimited fountain next to me all day every day, but I quit Coke for the most part a year ago, and now only drink maybe a swallow every now and again. You have to remember Coke will make water taste awful, so load up on water before Coke. Just imagine all those delicious bubbles ruining your waistline every time you take a sip. I

    1. Thank you for the advice! I remember that when I worked at a snack bar/fast food place when I was in HS, I used to drink soda ALL DAY LONG. That was horrible. You must have amazing willpower! Did you find that you felt better without all those sugary drinks?

  11. I gave up Coke over a year ago and it’s STILL killing me! I’ve been told by ex-smokers that they crave cigarettes for years after they quit. I swear sometimes my Coke addiction (lol!) is just as bad. I let myself have one about once a month, but I don’t know if that helps or hurts. Good luck!

    1. Oh man, that would so be me. I think I am always going to crave it even if I manage to kick the habit for the most part. Once a month is very reasonable!!!

  12. My Boyfriend Scales Walls is indeed a gorgeous polish! Compared to other white polishes it applies great. Last summer I got Butter London Cotton Buds but compared to MBSW it has an awful formula and I was quite disappointed about it 🙁 The time seems right to get back-up bottles of MBSW 😉 And I love your beautiful swatches!
    I totally feel your pain regarding the coke thing! And unfortunately I won’t be of help for you because I’m also addicted to it – that is to Coke, not Diet Coke, which I feel is even worse 🙁 However I actively try to limit my daily amount (sounds like we are talking about drugs …) because we all know it CANNOT be healthy! But I just looooove the taste of cold, fresh coke with a slice of lemon … as I said this doesn’t help you at all 🙁
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    1. LOL…now I want a coke. hahaha MBSW is definitely a favorite. Color Club Silver Lake is also pretty nice and I think a pretty close dupe. LVX Phantom is also an amazing white but it’s more bright. I wonder what makes soft drinks so addicting…it’s a terrible feeling. My brother is worse than me and he told me that he gets “the shakes” when he doesn’t drink coke for a while. He’s trying to cut back as well and he’s doing pretty good.

  13. If you find a way to stop drinking diet coke… you are a better woman than I am!! At work they tease me about drinking diet coke, but I remind them… unlike the masses at work, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

    Is this not the best white nail polish EVER? I have two bottles! That is the highest compliment I can give to a nail polish color!

    1. As far as addictions go, I’d rather drink diet coke than smoke and/or drink! I get that none of them are “good” but I’ll pick the lesser of two evils.

      Yes, I love it and now I am convinced that I need a back up as well.

  14. I love this color!, i’ve read in many blogs that it is one of the best whites ever..

    Regarding tips in how to stop drinking coke, my advice is to stop it just like that..
    I didnt drink cocke for the whole 2012, it was though at the beginning but then i didnt even noticed it..

    Coke is bad for your health, but iced tea isnt better..

    There are 3 things that makes junk food so addictive: sugar, sodium and something else i forgot..
    The 3 are bad for your health..

    Iced tea has a lot of sodicum.. Which makes you retener liquidos!! So stop it..

    Do it like a new year’s thing..

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