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Swagbucks Cyber FUNday

Cyber Monday is going to be INSANE at – they’re having a Swag Code Extravaganza all day long, which means that you can get 70 extra Swag Bucks if you snag all of the codes throughout the day! Be sure to get to bright and early so you don’t miss a second of the fun!

If you haven’t joined yet, make sure that you click here and join under my referral link. Not only will you be able to participate in the Swag Code Extravaganza, but you will also be able to enter my giveaway for a $25 amazon gift card which you can read about here.

The Swag Code Extravaganza begins today at 4am PST which is a little early for us on the west coast, but they will have plenty of opportunities throughout the day so good luck!


Swagbucks Saturdays: I Signed Up–Now What?

So you’ve signed up for Swagbucks and you don’t know exactly what to do next. Let me tell you a little bit about how I started out and have amassed a few hundred dollars worth of gift cards. But, before I get into that, let me remind you of my $25 amazon gift card giveaway which ends this week. All you need to do in order to qualify is join Swagbucks under my referral link here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once you have joined, you can earn more entries as well so make sure that you check out my original giveaway post here.

The main article I wanted to share with you is this great resource that was created by other Swaggers to help people who are just starting out. So head on over to the Swagging 101 website and read up on all the different things that you can do to earn Swagbucks. It makes me so happy to hear about all the Swagging that some of you are doing–can’t wait to hear about all the great prizes you earn!

And again, don’t forget to sign up for Swagbucks under my referral link if you want a chance to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card. 😉

Swagbucks Holiday Hundreds Giveaway

I’ve got some awesome news for those of you who like to shop online!

Swagbucks is working to make the holidays even more rewarding with their Swagbucks Holiday Hundreds Giveaway. Starting at 12pm Pacific Time on November 14th every transaction you make through the Swagbucks Shop & Earn will get you an entry to win the $100 Gift Card of your choice from the Swag Store! As soon as the Swag Bucks show up as pending in your ledger, your entry has been earned! The first drawing will take place on the 19th and will run every day through the 14th of December – if you’re the winner, Swagbucks will contact you at whatever email address you have on your account. Entries are cumulative, so the more transactions you make, the more entries you’ll get. Travel Category is excluded. Don’t know what Shop & Earn is? Don’t fret! I’ll be sharing more info on that soon or you can check it out yourself by going to the Swagbucks home page and clicking on the drop-down menu for “Earn” and then picking “Shop & Earn.”

Haven’t joined Swagbucks yet? Sign up today and enter the code HOLIDAY100s to start with 100 Swag Bucks of your own! You can sign up for Swagbucks through my referral link here to take advantage of the bonus Swagbucks, but hurry because the extra bonus code will only be available until Friday 11/6/12.

Also, if you sign up using my referral link, you can also enter to win a $25 amazon gift card! Yes, that’s right…enter the drawing just for signing up for Swagbucks through my referral link. You can read all about the $25 amazon gift card giveaway here.

So what are you waiting for?? Don’t you want free stuff?!

Here is some boring rule stuff:

  • The Holiday Hundreds Giveaway is only for US/Canada Swaggernauts
  • Promotion starts at 12pm PT on Thursday 11/15 and runs through 12/14
  • Every day we’ll draw a winner and they’ll get the $100 Gift Card of their choice from the Swag Store
  • Every transaction you make through our Shop & Earn is another entry to win
  • Entries are cumulative, so the more transactions you make, the more entries you get
  • Your entry is earned as soon as the Swag Bucks show up as pending in your account
  • Winners will be notified via the email on their Swagbucks Account and have 7 days to claim their prize
  • First prize Drawing will occur on Monday, 11/19 at 12pm PT
  • Go to the Shop & Earn homepage each day at 12pm PT to see the latest winner and list of previous winners
  • Special Bonus drawing will be held on January 31st, 2013
  • Travel Category is excluded

A Giveaway For My Swagbucks Peeps!

EDIT 11/11/12: Since I got a few questions via email about this, I apologize that I wasn’t more clear about this in my post. This giveaway is only open to those who signed up or will sign up for Swagbucks via my referral link.

I had previously mentioned that I would be having a giveaway for those of you who decided to give Swagbucks a try. Well, here it is! I am holding a giveaway for a $25 gift card. So what do you need to do in order to enter the giveaway? You just have to sign up under my referral link here. That’s it! That will give you one entry. If you want more entries, this is what you can do:

  • Follow my blog
  • Follow me on twitter
  • Follow my facebook page

And lastly–for every 20SB you earn through the search the web & win tool, you will earn an extra entry. Please note that you should NOT be using the search engine tool JUST to win Swagbucks. You should be using it for legitimate searches–just like you search in Google. It is all pretty random and wins can be as little as 7SB to as much as 50SB…I’ve gotten 50SB from a search win before so I know it happens. I will add these extra entries manually at the end of the month. I will be counting from November 1st so if you’ve been active since the beginning of the month, you probably already have an extra entry or two.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are new to Swagbucks, you may be wondering what I’m talking about when I mention the search the web & win tool. Basically, Swagbucks also has a search engine function. When you’re searching something and you get a win, it looks something like this:



So if you haven’t joined Swagbucks yet, sign up here. If you have any questions as to whether you are signed up under my referral link, you can always ask me since I do get that information. I’ll be doing another post about more ways that you can earn Swagbucks! I would really like to hear from those of you who have signed up and how things are going. I can tell that at least a handful of you are really working it!!

Swagbucks Reminder & Giveaway

To all the people who have joined Swagbucks through my post: Woooo hoooo! I’m so glad so many of you have decided to give Swagbucks a try. If you haven’t signed up yet, remember that in order to get your extra bonus and start ahead of the pack with 100SB, you must sign up before 11:59pm PST on Monday so click here to sign up via my referral link, and then enter code CODEHAUNT to qualify for the extra bonus.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day because they are having a special Swag Code extravaganza all day long starting at 4:00am PST. This means that they will be releasing Swag Codes all day long. If you get the code, you must go enter it at their site and they will credit you. I will try to be active on twitter tomorrow to update when a SC is released. One thing I must warn you about is that it is against the rules to share the actual Swag Code but you can help “guide” people to finding it. It will make more sense tomorrow if you decided to participate. Once you get a SC, you have to go to your home page and enter it:

For all of you who decide to participate in the Swag Bucks program and sign up under my referral link, I will be having a special giveaway for all of you. There will be some rules, but I will talk about that more in early November. The prize will be a $25 Amazon Gift Card–or higher depending on the participation. It all depends on you!

So, there you have it. For those of you who are NOT interested in Swag Bucks, have no fear…my blog will be SB-free except for my Swag Bucks Saturdays posts from now on. 🙂

Swagbucks Saturdays – Starting Out

This is my first installment of Swagbucks Saturdays, and I am really happy to start sharing some tips and tricks for maximizing your earnings. Recently I have had to cut down on non-essential spending, so Swagbucks is a nice way to earn some extra fun spending money without dipping into my budget.

First of all, if you haven’t signed up, go do it now! If you sign up now–before Monday 11:59pm–you can get an extra bonus and you’ll end up with 100SB to start with. Yes, 100SB! In order to take advantage of this, click here to sign up via my referral link and then enter code CODEHAUNT to qualify for the extra bonus. Easy as pie, right?

The easiest way to explain Swagbucks is that it is a site where you can earn digital currency which you can then redeem for other items. The easiest way to start earning Swagbucks is to use their search engine. When you use their search engine, you will randomly be awarded point…sometimes is a few swagbucks and sometimes it’s 50+ SB. It’s completely random and it’s truly the easiest way to start getting familiar with Swagbucks. It seems that you can only win 3-4 times per day when you search online and it’s important not to just keep searching non-sensical things because you could get your account suspended. In essence, you should not be searching just to try to win but rather, do your usual regular searches when you’re looking for information on the net.

The second easy way to earn a few Swagbucks each day is to answer their daily polls and scroll through the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers). Once a day, you can take a minute by going to the home page and clicking on the earn option up on the Swagbucks menu bar and select “Daily Polls” and/or “NOSO” These literally take a few second and you can do them every day.

The third easy way that you can earn Swagbucks is by looking at your Swagbucks home page. There will usually be some videos to view and you can sometimes watch them multiple times. The videos range from 1-2 minutes and they credit instantly.

All of these options are quick and easy. I actually do all of these while I am working online or just browsing so it’s not like they require a lot of time an attention. These are low earning tasks but I think it’s the easiest way to start building up your SB balance while you get familiar with how things work. My next installment will go into some of the high-earning tasks that you can do such as taking surveys and completing offers. I hope that all of this made sense to you. If you have any questions, just drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to help. I am happy to be able to share this and hope that you are successful in earning Swag Bucks!

Don’t forget to enter by Monday 11:59 PM in order to receive your bonus. Sign up here and enter the code CODEHAUNT for your 100SB bonus.

Have You Heard About Swagbucks?

I’m sure that I have mentioned Swagbucks on my blog in the past, but never really went into much detail. I was introduced to Swagbucks by a friend who is a freebie and coupon maven, so I knew that it had to be worthwhile if she was doing it. My initial understanding of Swagbucks was that it was a site where you earned digital currency or “Swag Bucks” which you could then redeem for prizes including gift cards. You can do so many things there to earn SB (Swag Bucks). For example, you are able to complete surveys, watch videos, vote in polls, complete special offers and so much more. While you may be thinking that nothing is free, you are able to ear SB while you do things that you would normally be doing online anyway. When I first started doing Swagbucks over a  year ago, I could easily earn 200-400 SB a day depending on what I was interested in doing. The nice thing about this program is that you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. To give you an example, I was able to trade in my SB for Amazon gift cards and and the end of 6 months, I had already earned about $300 worth of Amazon Gift Cards–that sure came in handy during Christmas! They don’t just have Amazon gift cards, but also Target, Kmart, CVS…the list is endless. You don’t have to redeem your SB for gift cards, but this was the best option for me. If you are interested in signing up, click here to go to the Swagbucks site. As a special thank you for signing up under my link, enter the code CODEHAUNT during sign up, and you will be automatically awarded a total of 100 SB!! That’s a nice way to get started for sure!

And to get you in the Halloween mood, I am happy to share with you the information for the the Swag Code Haunt:

For all of you fans of Swagbucks, this Monday will be a terrorizing treat: an all-day Swag Code Haunt where you can get multiple codes that add up to 70 reward points that you can use to get free stuff on The fun begins at 4am PDT on their blog and you should download this image – it’s got a bunch of hidden images that will serve as clues to help you get codes all day long. Remember that if you are new to Swagbucks, sign up here and enter the code CODEHAUNT and you will automatically receive 100 Swag Bucks!  If you want to take advantage of the extra bonus Swag Bucks, make sure that you sign up before Monday at 11:59 PST. Happy Haunting…

I hope that you decide to give Swagbucks a try if you are looking for a great way to earn rewards online. I will be sharing with you tips about how to earn SB and make the best of the program in my Swagbucks Saturdays posts. Let me know if you have any question; I’ll be happy to share what worked the best for me.