Bluebird Lacquer Isn’t She Loverly

Boy has this week been a doozy! Normally I work from home but this whole week I’ve been going into the office for two reasons: 1) It’s hot as hell in my apartment and working in a sauna isn’t exactly fun and 2) There have been a lot of changes at work and we are all working extra hard to catch up get our stuff in order. This has made for a kind of stressful week, but I still enjoy the challenge no matter how much I gripe. Today I am sharing one of the many PPU polishes that are currently available for purchase. Bluebird Lacquer Isn’t She Loverly is such a pretty polish, and I can’t wait to show you my swatches below.



Bluebird Lacquer Isn't She Loverly

Bluebird Lacquer Isn't She Loverly

Bluebird Lacquer Isn't She Loverly

Bluebird Lacquer Isn't She Loverly

I may be a little biased because I am such a pink polish lover, but this is a gorgeous creation! This is actually the very first time that I try out Bluebird Lacquer and I am 100% impressed. The formula was exceptional: it was very opaque after 1 coat but I applied a second just to build it up a bit. It was extremely easy to control and required zero clean up. That is the kind of polish that I love! Let me share a little bit about this polish directly from the brand:

Bluebird Lacquers Isn’t She Loverly is an ode to the classic My Fair Lady. Loverly is an muted orchid pink holo with bronze micro flakies, turquoise-purple-pink ucc flakies, more holo and a dash of faux unicorn pee.

If you’re interested in purchasing this polish, don’t forget to head on over to PPU will run from 8/3/18 to 8/6/2018 and this polish will retail for $12 with no cap. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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Bluebird Lacquer Isn’t She Loverly Bluebird Lacquer Isn’t She Loverly

2 thoughts on “Bluebird Lacquer Isn’t She Loverly

  1. Oh Cynthia that is gorgeous! That is such a fun one with those blue sparkles. I swear it doesn’t matter what polish you put on, it always looks fantastic on you. I don’t have the same luck with my fair skin and freckles and a lot of colors clash with my tone but if I really love a polish I will wear it anyway.

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