31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 15: Jelly Sandwich

Once again I had intentions of doing my nails early today but instead I went to see Paranormal Activity 4. I tend to watch every horror/paranormal movie that is released so I was kind of looking forward to watching it, but it turned out to be horribly boring. It actually pissed me off because I kept waiting for something–anything–interesting to happen but nothing ever did. What a waste of an hour and a half! Anyway, today’s challenge calls for a jelly sandwich manicure. I’ve never really done a jelly sandwich manicure because I don’t have too many jellies so I had to improvise. I actually ended up making everything way more complicated than it needed to be so let me show you what I did.

I started with Butter London Slapper.

Butter London Slapper Swatch     Butter London Slapper Swatch

I got a bunch of Butter Londons recently and this is one that I still hadn’t tried. I love this colors! It is gorgeous, buttery and glossy.

Butter London Slapper OPI The Living Daylights Swatch     Butter London Slapper OPI The Living Daylights Swatch

I then added a coat of OPI The Living Daylights from the new Skyfall holiday collection.

Butter London Slapper OPI The Living Daylights Revlon Whimsical Swatch     Butter London Slapper OPI The Living Daylights Revlon Whimsical Swatch

And lastly I slapped on two coats of Revlon Whimsical.

I think that this ended up looking a little like the Nails Inc. Sprinkles polishes. I kinda like how muted the base color looks, but overall, I did not like all the polish layers–my nails felt super thick. So what do you think about my first jelly sandwich manicure attempt? Can you recommend some really awesome jelly polishes? I really want to get  a few more jellies so I can experiment with them.Our next challenge will be on November 3rd as we are taking a little break for Halloween. I am going to take a break from doing my nails until then. Don’t forget to check back with me since I will be doing non-nail related posts until 11/3.

Take a minute to check out the other jelly sandwich manicures below from Nicole, Jessica, Ave and Alaina. Thanks for stopping by.

23 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 15: Jelly Sandwich

  1. I really like the Revlon glitter one. Makes the whole look LOOK creamy. Love it.
    One thing I hate about glitters is that you NEED to do TWO coats for it to look decent and that DOES make your nails feel heavy and thick. Not to mention taking it off is a mission and that damages your nails depending on what glitter you use.

    If you’re taking a break will you continue with the challenge from the 3rd of Nov?
    I also want to do a nail challenge now. Really considering it.

    1. We are actually taking a small break from the challenge as well. 🙂 It gives everyone time to do holiday manis if they want to do them.

      I’ve had Revlon Whimsical for a while, but I never used it and I don’t know why! I really do like it and I’m going to try it without the OPI glitter underneath next time and with a softer blue color. Omg…glitter removal is such a pain in the ass sometimes!! I always have to use pure acetone and my skin and nails always feel so gross and dry afterwards.
      Cynthia recently posted..31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 15: Jelly SandwichMy Profile

  2. I’m an odd fan of Whimsical. I do not like it over a darker color like this. I layered mine over ChG Aquadelic which is kinda similar and idk it looks like bodily fluid. I do like how it’s muted but I just can’t bring myself to use it except over SC Cinderella or CC Factory Girl. When I used Whimsical w anything other than those it had to be too thick and never dried harder than candy corn. 🙁

    1. You know what’s funny? I used a nail wheel to try out 3 different base colors and then asked my brother to choose. I tried it with essie bikini so teeny and essie turquoise and caicos as well. I think I liked it more with bst but I went with my brother’s choice. Oooh…cinderella would be a good choice!!! I’m going to have to try it sometime. I can’t really say if it was going to dry completely because I took it off right away since it just felt so freaking thick. Eww.

        1. You know, I thought I was gonna like it more but now I’m just kinda…meh. I don’t know if my nail polish obsession is kinda of tapering off or what because I just don’t care right now. Ok, I’m lying…I still love polish, but I don’t have that urge to go out and buy 20 bottles anymore. I am wondering if I can make it through January without buying more than…hmmm… $20 a month worth of polish. That would be a great feat on my part. What other colors from the Skyfall collection did you get?

  3. About the jelly sandwiches, I haven’t done many either, but when I did experiment I remember that my sheer’s did even better than my jellies…& it doesn’t leave that icky thick feeling either!! A sheer fuchsia makes a nice JS:) Hope u come back nice & refreshed from your short nail break (then again I’m sure u’ll be doing them on Halloween)!

  4. Your brother contributed to this manicure? Wow!
    Well, I like it! Maybe because Butter London Slapper is a longtime lemming of mine (along with Trout Pout and Tart with a Heart). I also watched Casino Royale with my brother this weekend, so I am getting weirdly excited for the James Bond polishes (although I only like about 3 from what I’ve seen online). Maybe it’s just Daniel Craig I am enthusiastic about. I also like the effect of Whimsical, so, I say well done, improvised jelly sandwich! Too bad it was so thick.
    The only jelly I’ve done a jelly sandwich with is the one Nicole recommended from the NufOh Jelly Syrup collection. I can back up that recommendation! They have quite a selection of colors, too.

    1. I actually do ask my brother a lot what colors to use if he’s around. He usually does have a lot of opinions, but I can never tell when he’s being serious. I only bought three of the Casino Royale polishes: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Live And Let Die and The Living Daylights. They other ones are pretty, but I don’t really want them right now. I am actually going to back off the polish because I’m having car issues, and I can’t afford it right now. In fact, I haven’t been really interested in buying more polish lately. I wonder if I can go the rest of the year without going on my binges. I’m not going to paint my nails for the next week (i cut them all off) just to give myself a freaking break. I started using this nail aid collagen growth stuff for my nails and I started taking my biotin supplements again. They work really well for my nails and my hair.

      I haven’t really seen ANY James Bond movies. Weird? I should watch them, though, cause you know me and Sean Connery. Sean Connery then and Sean Connery now…

      1. I like three from the OPI, the first two you picked and The World Is Not Enough. I realized I have to chill on the polish, too…my credit card bill is lingering longer than I would like, Christmas is coming up, and the first half of property taxes are due next month. :/
        Good God, yes, watch them! How have you not seen any…they’ve been around for 50 years! There is always a marathon around I want to say Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure if that’s right.

    1. I have seen a lot of beautiful swatching of the Nfu Oh jellies…oooohhh makes me want them so bad. You should definitely try out some butter london polishes. I personally love them.

    1. We miss you on the challenge but I know you’re busy. Catch up when you can or skip some days or whatever. 🙂 And yes, why don’t you have this color?????

  5. I’d never heard of that Revlon polish until today. I usually only have time to put on 2 coats if I’m lucky (I have two little kids) so I think a jelly roll is out.

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