The Lacquer Ring – Unicorns Unite!

I almost didn’t get this post done, which would have been unfortunate because this is the inaugural post of…

TheLacquerRingWhat is this Lacquer Ring I speak of? Well, it’s a group of crazy polish chicks who spend way too much time emailing each other all day long about polish, life, woes and more polish. While we haven’t all technically met in person (except for me and Lesley and Amy and Frosso), we are pretty good friends and hope that we can all meet one day. Unfortunately, the universe will end that day because that much awesomeness is not allowed all in one place. While you may already know the ladies who make up The Lacquer Ring, let me introduce them all:

Amanda from Mae’s Beauty

Amy from The Fancy Side

Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly

Jessica from Once Upon A Polish

Lesley from IG @MisfitLesley

Nicole from Polish Me, Please!

Siobhan from For The Love Of Nail Art

Now that you know who will be participating in The Lacquer Ring, let me tell you that we will be posting twice a month and each month, one of us will be determining the two challenges for the rest of the group. For our very first post, we will all be using a special polish that Nicole got as a gift for all of us: Candy Lacquer Unicorn Bubbles. Let me show you what I did with this awesome glitter topper!

Jessica SharktoothI started with two creamy and delicious coats of Jessica Sharktooth (press sample). I’ve mentioned how much I love this polish many times because it is an amazing white polish.

OPI Sheer Tints 1OPI Sheer Tints 2I then used my OPI Sheer Tints (press sample) to create this watercolor design. Ever since I saw The Polish-Aholic’s post about this, I knew I had to do it. You can read more about it here. I should have used thinner coats of the Sheer Tints because I got some bubbling, but I decided to let it go since I was planning to put on a glitter topper anyway.

Candy Lacquer Unicorn Bubbles 1Candy Lacquer Unicorn Bubbles 2This is my very first Candy Lacquer, and I was quite happy with it. I love circle glitter so this is right up my alley. Like most glitter toppers, using the dabbing method will give you the best results. I ended up fishing the glitter out with a dotting tool because I was getting a lot of bubbling from the thick base. Although the base is clear, it does have some holographic micro glitter that kicks it up a notch.

OPI Matte Top Coat 1OPI Matte Top Coat 2Lately I have been obsessed with making everything matte, so I pulled out my OPI Matte Top Coat (press sample) and mattified my whole mani. I don’t know how you feel about the end result, but I absolutely love it. OPI’s Matte Top Coat has become my favorite amongst many others so I highly recommend it.

Currently I’m working through a lot of unpleasant stuff so excuse me if I’m not around as much. I had mentioned that I may not post as regularly for the time being, but I couldn’t miss out on the first post of The Lacquer Ring. Thank you so much for continuing to stop by despite my irregular posting. We were not very organized for our first post, so they will be trickling in as everyone gets a chance to publish. Some are already up, so make sure that you check them out below. Thank you so much for stopping by today, and I hope that you will join us for the next The Lacquer Ring post.

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28 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – Unicorns Unite!

    1. LOL…I win? Well, if I can’t win at life, at least I can win at nails? hahaha I’m rather happy with how they turned out so I’m glad people agree.

    1. I never thought that restore might affect glitter, but that’s a good point. Since Restore is a little pricier, I only use it for my Seche Vite and then use the cheapo thinner from Sally’s for everything else. I’m so glad you came back for this post. THAT’S WHAT I WAS MOST EXCITED ABOUT!!!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! <3 Rough times ahead but I just have to take it one step at a time. I am also super happy Jess came back for this that what my whole plan from the beginning. hehehe

  1. This is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love the way you used your OPI tins, and I’m in love with the circle glitter. Have you ever done a blog about your method of ‘fishing out’ glitter? I’d be VERY interested to know exactly how you do it!
    Bailey recently posted..My Top 10 Kanye West SongsMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Bailey! It’s actually super simple. I just put a blob of polish on some tin foil and then use my dotting tool to pick out glitters and an then place them on my nails individually where I want them to go. When I have enough glitter on my nails, then I go back and apply one coat of the polish to even everything out. This is the only way I can use glitter toppers unless I want a goopy mess. It’s worth the extra work in my book.

    1. I’m glad that you approve! I don’t think I’ve seen the Sheer Tints anywhere (just like the Glitter Off base coat), but I have seen some SH Tints at CVS/Rite Aid.

  2. “Well, it’s a group of crazy polish chicks who spend way too much time emailing each other all day long about polish, life, woes and more polish.” 100% true.
    “Unfortunately, the universe will end that day because that much awesomeness is not allowed all in one place.” Also 100% true.
    I was hunched over my nails with a dotting tool, too, hahaha. Worth it. I’ve heard good things about the OPI matte topcoat, also.
    I really can’t say anything except you knocked it 1000% out of the park with this one. Tittie punch for gorgeousness!

  3. I love this! Sorry you are going through some poop in life. I’m also going through some poop! But good news for me is I have a job interview on Tuesday and I’m expecting a couple call backs this upcoming week. πŸ™‚ Things will look up soon, I promise.

  4. Stunning! I love both matte and glossy! I definitely need to pick up some mini sheer tints. This water color look is amazing. That Jessica white also looks very promising!

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