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Hello everyone! It is a major feat that I got this post done for today. Last night at 11 pm, I was still trying to get this post together. I had 3 days off so I thought I would be able to work on a bunch of posts, but of course I was just a lazy bum the whole time. I did get swatches done for a whole week’s worth of posts, but the hardest part for me is actually putting the posts together. Well, today’s post is super fun for me because I was so excited when info on this collection first came out. Before we go any further: Coke or Pepsi? If you prefer Pepsi, close the browser and never come back. Just kidding…sorta. I am a hardcore Coke lover so I think the OPI Coca-Cola Collection is super fun. Let’s take a look at my swatches and then we can chit chat about them.

OPI You're So Vain-illa 1OPI You're So Vain-illa 2OPI You’re So Vain-illa

OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today 1OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today 2OPI Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

OPI Coca-Cola Red 1OPI Coca-Cola Red 2OPI Coca-Cola Red

OPI Orange You Fantastic! 1OPI Orange You Fantastic! 2OPI Orange You Fantastic! (1 coat over Coca-Cola Red)

OPI A Grape Affair 1OPI A Grape Affair 2OPI A Grape Affair

OPI Get Cherried Away 1OPI Get Cherried Away 2OPI Get Cherried Away

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero 1OPI Today I Accomplished Zero 2OPI Today I Accomplished Zero (1 coat over Get Cherried Away)

OPI My Signature is DC 1OPI My Signature is DC 2OPI My Signature is DC

OPI Green On The Runway 1OPI Green On The Runway 2OPI Green On The Runway 3OPI Green On The Runway 4OPI Green On The Runway

I think this collection is absolutely awesome! All of these polishes applied beautifully and were two coaters except for the glitters. You may find my choice a little boring, but my absolute favorite here is You’re So Vain-illa. I just love this creamy nude and can see it becoming my go-to work nail color. I would also say that Today I Accomplished Zero is my second favorite because it has so much depth. The jelly base is very dark so you can definitely wear it on its own. So what do you think of these polishes? Do you have a favorite? Let me know what you think below.

Thank so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon. Enjoy your day!



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27 thoughts on “OPI Coca-Cola Collection

    1. Everyone seems to be going bananas for the green one. I like it but it’s not my favorite. OPI really did an awesome job with this collection.

  1. i think i will be buying: you’re so vainilla, sorry i’m fizzy today and coca cola red..

    but the white one is AMAZING i love it…..
    idk if i will wait until next month.. idk.

    i just fell in love.

    1. I usually drink Coke Zero (Cherry Coke Zero being my favorite) or Diet Coke. I’m sure I’ve mentioned a million times that I’m trying to cut back but it’s not going too well. haha

  2. Coke! *fist bump* My college campus only carried Pepsi products and it was SUPER sad, haha.
    When I first heard about this collaboration, I was expecting it to be lame and all red. NOPE! It has been a pleasant surprise!
    I like Get Cherried Away on you. I know you’re not a big fan of metallics, but My Signature is DC looks flawless.

    1. Poo to Pepsi. So at work we have a free soda fountain so it’s super tempting to drink Diet Coke all day. We have this huge ice machine and I have a huge cup that I fill up with ice and coke. It’s so yummy. However, now I’m filling that cup up with water and ice and use a small cup for soda only at lunch. Sucks to be sorta responsible.

  3. YES…that green… YES YES YES, I’m so happy that it did not disappoint. You never know what you are going to get by the looks of OPI PR pics. I’m probably going to pick up the silver too, just because its silver so I’m obligated to.

  4. Oh my sweet lord. I’m changing my answer for the OPI sheer tints “favorite collection” comment. This is one of the most interesting collections I have ever seen!!! I must have it!!!

  5. I’m really pleasantly surprised by this. I’m loving the green polish and Sorry I’m Fizzy Today. Oh, and I sheepishly will admit – I’m a Pepsi girl.! :/

  6. I love the Coca~Cola Colors! I found your pics on Ebay but didn’t know they were from your blog. Anyway, I heart every one of these colors 🙂

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