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Orly Skinny Dip

I don’t tend to purchase many Orly polishes and I don’t know why. They are just as easily accessible to me, but it seems that I don’t pay much attention to their collections. Even when I am aware of their upcoming collections, I am not as excited to get my hands on them. Their Summer 2012 Feel The Vibe Collection is full of neons which are super popular right now. However, I wasn’t really feeling the colors. The only one that I was interested in is Skinny Dip: of course it’s a blue that I love, and it had this super pretty light purple microshimmer flash in the bottle. As I have come to expect, the purple pretty much disappears once the nails. It dries satiny so you need a top coat if you want a shiny finish. I applied 3 coats and I felt that it needed all three. It is a sheer polish, but it’s easily buildable.


I’ve never really done sponging which I think looks amazing. I wanted to use some glitter (gasp!) to sponge on my tips so I looked through all my glitter polishes. I chose Wet N Wild Believe Me It’s Real which came out for the holidays in 2011. I had such a hard time finding this collection because it was a Walgreens exclusive and it seemed that no one had even heard of it. Since I don’t have Gelous, I had to apply like a million coats of Poshé to smooth out the glitter. This glitter is rough and eats up top coat like a mofo.

I can’t believe I still haven’t cut my nails yet. O_o I think this is the longest they have EVER been even when I wore acrylics. It’s been so weird getting used to the length, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.

I think the people I see regularly at the gym are going to start calling me the crazy nail girl. What do you think of this combo? Not too flashy?