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China Glaze Off Shore Collection Summer 2014 – Dune Our Thing

China Glaze Off Shore Collection Summer 2014 – Dune Our Thing




Excuse me, but I’m melting. Melting while I sit on the couch is not something that I enjoy, but I’m sure that those of you without air conditioning can sympathize. It’s going to be a few degrees shy of 100 today so my mood is already sour. It isn’t sour enough to not share with you my review of the China Glaze Off Shore Collection, though! As usual, this collection is divided into two sets and today I have the Dune Our Thing set but don’t fret because the Stoke To Be Soaked set will be on the blog tomorrow. You know I’m always really excited about China Glaze Collections so I try to pick them up as soon as my beauty supply stores get them. I was super excited to get them because their shipment literally arrived as I was entering the store. SCORE! Anyway, let me show you my swatches so we can talk about them afterwards.

China Glaze Wait N' Sea 1China Glaze Wait N' Sea 2China Glaze Wait N’ Sea

China Glaze I Sea The Point 1China Glaze I Sea The Point 2China Glaze I Sea The Point

China Glaze X-ta-sea 1China Glaze X-ta-sea 2China Glaze X-ta-sea

China Glaze Float On 1China Glaze Float On 2China Glaze Float On

China Glaze Feel The Breeze 1China Glaze Feel The Breeze 2China Glaze Feel The Breeze

China Glaze Dune Our Thing 1China Glaze Dune Our Thing 2China Glaze Dune Our Thing

So, uhm…these are supposed to be neons? Neons they are not. Why must we keep getting “neon collections” that aren’t really neon? I’m crying neon tears right now. Some of these are definitely bright, but I wouldn’t call them neon. (Can I possibly say “neon” some more? Neon, neon, neon!) Despite this, I think these colors are really pretty and the formula isn’t bad. We all remember past Summer collections, right? I’m still not over last year and the year before. The only polish that gave me some problems is the lightest pink, Feel The Breeze. It was streak-arrific but it did even out after three coats. Most of these will dry to a satin finish so you’ll need a good top coat if you want a glossy finish. I was super scared of Sea The Point because I had read somewhere that it was an application beast. The first coat was all that I feared, but then I decided to give the polish a good rolling/shaking and the second coat applied very nicely. Overall, I think these are really beautiful colors but we’ve seen these colors already. If I had to pick my favorites, I would get Float On, X-ta-Sea and Wait N’ Sea. To be honest, all the colors are beautiful so I’m having a hard time trying to pick favorites. I think that if you don’t have similar colors, these are definitely worth picking up. So what do you think? Will you be able to get past the fact that these aren’t really neons and get some of these? Do you have any favorites? This collection should be at the usual places this June…can you believe it’s almost June? Ghhhhaaaa! Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!