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Shimmer Polish Part 2

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Hi friends! I think I had mentioned earlier in the week (or was it last week??) that I had gone in for an eye exam, and I was told that there could be an issue with my optic nerve so I had to make an appointment to get my eyes dilated so they could get a better look. Well, I dragged my friend with me so she could drive me since my vision would be impaired for a few hours after dilation. So it turns out that everything is just fine and that I may just have a larger optic nerve. They did recommend that I continue to have regular eye exams just in case anything changes, but I won’t need any follow up treatment. I was concerned about it because, as a person without health insurance, there is no way that I would be able to afford any further tests or treatments. I am always so disappointed with the state of health insurance here in the USA because we just don’t have the level of care that we need. Personally, I would not be able to purchase an individual plan for myself because of my medical/mental history–I’d be rejected so fast that my head would spin. That means that the only way I can currently get health insurance is through an employer policy and my shitastic job does not have those benefits. So here I am–without any health insurance for the first time in my life and it’s not a good feeling. Even when I did have insurance, I found out how horrid my coverage was after several hospitalizations. Anyway, who knows what’s going to happen when more things go into effect next year with the whole Obamacare thing–I just hope that we do get some kind of affordable plans because everyone deserves proper medical care!

I’ll get off my soapbox now and talk a little polish with you now. Today I am sharing another round of beautiful glitter polishes from Shimmer Polish. This time I decided to use colors from the Jessica Cosmetics Gelato Mio! Collection from Summer 2012. Let me tell you that I love that collection like I love cake–meaning a lot. They were the perfect base colors to show off these other 4 polishes. You can see my Part 1 review of Shimmer Polish beauties here. Anywho, this time I also decided to share a macro shot of the actual polishes so you can see what they look like in the bottle. Are you ready for a new glitter explosion feast for your nails AND eyes?










Shimmer Polish Jasmine (Jessica Surfer Boyz’n Berry)





Shimer Polish Karen (Jessica Strawberry Shake It)





Shimmer Polish Vivian (Jessica Tangerine Dreamz)





Shimmer Polish Tammy (Jessica Banana Peel)

So what do you think about round 2 of Shimmer Polish swatches? Do you see any that you like? I am pretty obsessed with Jasmin and how it looks over Surfer Boyz’n Berry. As I stated in my previous review, all of these glitter polishes have a great formula that applies smoothly. The only one that was slightly testy was Vivian–it went on a little thick so I applied a little more than I initially wanted to. The combination also looks a lot like Valerie with Sation Heather from my previous Shimmer Polish post. Guess I really like that combination!

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Jessica Cosmetics Gelato Mio! Collection Summer 2012

I have to say that I wish these colors had been named in a more gelato-inspired manner. Think about it: nocciola, fragola, stracciatella, pistacchio, bacio…oh, I need to go to Italy soon. I always make sure to stop by Vivoli and gorge myself whenever I go to Florence, so this collection brought back many delicious memories. I am more of a dark and vampy colors kind of gal when it comes to nail polish so I was very happy at how much I loved these colors. They are so incredibly creamy looking and flow like butter. I am usually squeamish about pastels because they are mostly chalky, harsh and application nightmares. These colors where a joy to apply: highly pigmented, opaque with two coats, even and glossy. I am completely in love with these!

Lime Cooler


Tangerine Dreamz


Strawberry Shake It


Banana Peel


Barely Blueberry


Surfer Boyz’n Berry

What do you think of these colors? I really didn’t find these streaky at all because I used medium coats, but I can see that if you use thin coats, you  would probably get some streakiness. The creaminess of these colors is what makes them stand out to me. The Jessica Gelato Mio! collection is out now so go get ’em!