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Essie Pinking About You Collection BCA 2014

Essie Pinking About You Collection BCA 2014




Yesterday I showed you the first BCA set that I got my hands on, and today I have a pretty trio from Essie. Now, you know my relationship with Essie: I must have every single collection no matter what people say. I have some weird obsession with the pretty square bottles and white handles. Since I now broke two nails, I’ve been feeling sad about not being able to swatch and stuff but I guess this is a good break for me. I do have enough posts lined up for the rest of the week, but I think I may have skip next week unless I wear a fake press on nail. Would that be weird? Maybe just a little? haha! Anyway, let me show you the Essie Pinking About You Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness 2014.

Essie I Pink I Can 1Essie I Pink I Can 2Essie I Pink I Can

Essie Pink Happy 1Essie Pink Happy 2Essie Pink Happy

Essie Pinking About You 1Essie Pinking About You 2Essie Pinking About You

You know, this is such a nice little trio. The two cremes are pretty nice and aren’t streaky. I used two coats for each polish and that’s all they needed. I was expecting I Pink I Can to be super streaky, but it has a pretty nice formula. My favorite of the three is Pink Happy because it’s one of those juicy hot pink polishes that I absolutely adore. Every time I wear a super hot pink like this, people always comment on my nails. The glitter combination in Pinking About You isn’t anything we haven’t see before, but Essie isn’t usually known for this type of glitter polish so I’m always happy to see glitter polishes from them. The glitter is plentiful so you will not have any problems getting good coverage.

So what do you think about this collection? I know the colors are anything out of this world, but they are nice, girly and excellent staples. I hope you’re having a good week so far–we are almost halfway through the week…yay! Thanks for the visit, and I will talk to you soon.