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OPI NYC Ballet Polishes SUCK

I should say that I only bought two of the polishes and I have two too many at this point. I knew that these polishes are not meant to be opaque so I steered clear of all the pinks and picked up My Pointe Exactly. It kind of looked like a sheer version of French Quarter For Your Thoughts so I figured it would be ok. Well, it isn’t. This color is disgusting. It basically looks like clear polish on your nails after one coat. I added a second and it looked streaky. I added a third and it started to look a little gray. Fourth coat, fifth coat and it still looked streaky and was not opaque. I took off the gross layers and went for a three coat look and this was the result:

Yuck! What’s the point of wearing nail polish if it’s going to look like this?!?!?!?! I took the glitter of this collection, Pirouette My Whistle, and layered one coat of it.

I still think this is gross. One of my lovely readers from Two Lacquered Girls asked me if Pirouette My Whistle was the same as Servin’ Up Sparkle so I used them side by side. I used Servin’ Up Sparkle on the middle finger and Pirouette My Whistle on the two outer fingers. As you can see, it’s the same exact glitter shape except that Servin’ Up Sparkle is holographic and Pirouette My Whistle is just white and silver. The base colors also differ. Servin’ Up Sparkle has a clear base and Pirouette My Whistle is in a milky gray base. Here are some bottle shots:

There is no way that I am going to buy anymore colors from this collection. I should have stuck with my initial impression when I saw the press release and passed on this collection altogether.  What about you? Do you want any colors from this collection?

P.S. After my previous post about gross nails and stuff, I want to apologize about my super dry skin. I totally forgot to moisturize so I know my skin looks dry like the Sahara. 🙁