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Nubar Prize

Last night I went to  L’s house and we watched The Vow. I don’t usually watch sappy movies by choice, but I wanted to see this one cause I like Rachel McAdams. It was alright…not super impressed by it. I was petting L’s cat a lot yesterday and all of a sudden my eye got so red and irritated. It felt like I had something stuck in it so we tried flushing it out but nothing seemed to help. By the time I left, my eye was swollen shut. That was fun on the drive back home. I do not recommend driving with only one eye at night. I figured that it was probably some kind of allergic reaction to Tigger. Here is the little fur ball:

He is a super shy cat and always runs away to hide when someone comes to the door. He’s no longer scared of me so after a minute, he comes back out and lets me pet him. He’s cute, right?


A while ago I had purchased two polishes from the Prisms Collection that Nubar released in 2010.  I just love holos even if they are not linear. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this yet considering how pretty it is. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it dries so incredibly gritty and rough so you have to use a thick top coat if it bothers you.


Since I haven’t been using my Konad as much lately, I used stamp M73 for this design.

So what do you have going on this weekend? Anything fun? I am feeling super crappy right now because I have monstrous cramps so I’m just laying low. I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can actually do something fun.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂