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Blue Balls or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Da Bomb

I doubt that the title of my post will make much sense to anyone, but I guess that will just keep my blog in the same vein of nonsensical ramblings. A while back, I purchased some mood changing polishes but I hadn’t gotten around to trying them out. Since I have a pretty blue that is supposed to change from blue to neon blue, I decided to try out it today for my Blue Balls Manicure. (:P Ciaté.) I wasn’t expecting much from this polish since it is supposed to change from one blue to another blue? LAME. However, I really liked it despite the kind of atrocious formula. It’s super sheer so I had to apply 4 coats. Yes, 4 coats! It dries matte and I didn’t attempt to apply a top coat because I was afraid I might ruin the color changing effect…and after applying that many coats, I was not about to take a chance. I just burst into song after typing the last sentence: If you change your mind//I’m the next in line//Honey I’m still free//Take a chance on me.

It was hard to take pictures of this polish because as soon as I exposed my nails to hot or cold water, by the time I dried them and went outside to take some pictures, they were already fading back to another color, so that explains the water on my hands.


These are pictures of my nails at room temperature or outside temperature, rather. You can see some of the darker color on the tips of my nails before the heat of the sun started to change them to the neon shade.


This was the result after running my hands under hot water: a more neon blue.


And this is the effect of cold water. It’s supposed to be a darker blue, but it starts to change almost immediately to the neon blue because it’s kind of hot outside.


And finally, la pièce de résistance, the thing you have been waiting for: My Blue Balls Manicure or MBBM.


I hope you’re having a nice Friday. Do you have any plans for the weekend? What do you think about my Blue Balls Manicure? I hope it was all you had hoped for. 😉