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Jessica Polishes

My introduction to Jessica polishes came by way of the Peacock Queen Collection that was a dupe of Chanel’s Illusions d’Ombres. I really hadn’t heard much about this brand, but I’ve been pretty satisfied with the polishes I tried so far. My main gripe is that I don’t like the brush at all. I find it hard to work with. I am usually really good about following the curve of my cuticles on my nails with the polish, but the brush on Jessica polishes makes me do some jagged and awkward lines. This color is called Midnight Moonlight and it reminds me of OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue.  I don’t think they are dupes but are quite similar.  Midnight Moonlight is a lot brighter, I think.


I really feel like I ruined this polish with the stamp. I don’t know what is up with my new Konad white polish because it feels thinner than my other special polish bottles and not as opaque. I really like this design. I got tons of compliments today when I went to the store with these nails. People were asking me where I got them done and they seemed shocked when I told them I did them myself. They thought they were stickers or something. I have a whole little speech about Konad because people are always confused when I say it’s a stamp. It would be funny if I could talk to those people again because I know some of them totally went looking for Konad stuff. I should start giving away little cards with my blog info so they can come and visit later on. lol

So I had started this post earlier in the day before a bomb got dropped in my lap. I am upset, stressed out and really pissed. I’m going to chill for a few minutes with my iced caramel coffee before I even attempt to explain what happened today. Please heed my warning if you decided to read my next personal post because it’s going to be a fucking doozy. If you’re offended by profanity, I apologize in advance.