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Formula X Hyped

Formula X Hyped




I read a lot of nail blogs. Despite having my own blog, I still read all the blogs that lured me into this world of nail fanatics and continue to find new ones that I enjoy. One of the blogs that I read religiously is The Polishaholic because I just love her pictures and she has a great variety of mainstream and indie brands. When I saw her post on the Sephora Formula X polishes, I nearly lost my mind. Formula X Hyped just jumped out at me, and I was obsessed with getting my hands on it until I actually found it at my Sephora. It was so hard not to grab all the polishes, but I knew that Hyped was the one that would give my psychotic mind some peace so it came home with me.

Formula X Hyped 1aFormula X Hyped 2Holy crap this polish is everything I hoped it would be.This neon purple/magenta polish has some gorgeous blue shimmer in it that makes it come alive in the sun. Since it is a neon, it dries very dull so a shiny top coat is a must! One thing I did notice is that it was streaky and applied unevenly. I think that neons tend to do this in general so I wasn’t that surprised. I ended up applying 3 thin coats for full coverage, but I think two thick coats should be enough.

Have you tried any of the new Formula X polishes? I picked up 3 during my last Sephora trip, and this one is definitely the belle of the ball. You can purchase this polish for $10.50 for a .4 oz bottle. Personally, I think the prices are a little high so I probably won’t be buying too many of these unless I positively can’t live another second without the color. So in Cynthia logic, that  means I will be getting one of each. Ah well, we can’t all have solid will power, right? Anyway, I hope you liked this baby as much as I did. Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you soon.