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I read a lot of nail blogs. Despite having my own blog, I still read all the blogs that lured me into this world of nail fanatics and continue to find new ones that I enjoy. One of the blogs that I read religiously is The Polishaholic because I just love her pictures and she has a great variety of mainstream and indie brands. When I saw her post on the Sephora Formula X polishes, I nearly lost my mind. Formula X Hyped just jumped out at me, and I was obsessed with getting my hands on it until I actually found it at my Sephora. It was so hard not to grab all the polishes, but I knew that Hyped was the one that would give my psychotic mind some peace so it came home with me.

Formula X Hyped 1aFormula X Hyped 2Holy crap this polish is everything I hoped it would be.This neon purple/magenta polish has some gorgeous blue shimmer in it that makes it come alive in the sun. Since it is a neon, it dries very dull so a shiny top coat is a must! One thing I did notice is that it was streaky and applied unevenly. I think that neons tend to do this in general so I wasn’t that surprised. I ended up applying 3 thin coats for full coverage, but I think two thick coats should be enough.

Have you tried any of the new Formula X polishes? I picked up 3 during my last Sephora trip, and this one is definitely the belle of the ball. You can purchase this polish for $10.50 for a .4 oz bottle. Personally, I think the prices are a little high so I probably won’t be buying too many of these unless I positively can’t live another second without the color. So in Cynthia logic, that  means I will be getting one of each. Ah well, we can’t all have solid will power, right? Anyway, I hope you liked this baby as much as I did. Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you soon.

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    1. I need to go on a serious no buy but I just can’t seem to realize that I can’t afford all these polishes anymore. LOL Since I’m putting money aside for my vacation, there is no more money for polish. It will hit me soon when real life bills arrive. haha

  1. I just got a mini set of Formula X’s for xmas! The black one seemed great formula-wise. But it’s hard to tell with those teeny brushes.
    I still read the polishaholic religiously too. She was the first blog i signed up to follow via email a few yrs ago. So i pretty much read it everyday!
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    1. I was tempted to get one of those mini sets but I hate mini bottles so much even though they are a great way to try out new stuff. I am a little on the fence about the whole “system” because I hate it when companies try to get you to buy their stuff that way. I will probably always use my Orly Bonder and SV top coat on everything.

    1. I know! I am still annoyed by the price, but I couldn’t resist picking up a few to try out. I just don’t think they will be something I will purchase on the regular.

  2. i bought 4 here in canada where im visiting my boyfriend .. they are 3 dollars more here so basically 32 dollars canadian with tax 🙁 and i just went to sephora today i did not see this color there which makes me sad 🙁

  3. What a gorgeous polish. I am loving that color. I’m on a no buy though but surely I must have something close enough? That is sooo pretty. And Pantone’s color of the year!

    1. I was secretly upset that she made so many of the polishes from this line look amazing. I basically got this one because it was the one that intrigued me the most. Hopefully I won’t go nuts in the future. Maybe I’ll wait for a sale…haha

    1. I can totally see this line becoming huge. I think the polishes are really beautiful, but I think maybe the price is going to make people think twice. I wish that was enough of a deterrent for me. haha!

  4. This went on my wish list immediately after seeing it on The Polishaholic. You are doing nothing to alleviate this, lol. It will definitely be my first Sephira X!

    1. Pffft! You know you’d get it even without blogs telling you it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what happens when you go to Sephora for some of these polishes. “Woopsie…I got 10!” ha!

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