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Cult Nails First Impression

I received my first ever Cult Nails order this past Saturday so I was itching to try my new lovelies. I have so many brand new nail polishes that I can’t justify buying more. I went to my nail places today and I resisted the urge to pick up some polishes but I did purchase a bottle of Posché. I’ve always been faithful to Seche Vite, but I wanted to try something new to see how it compares to my trusty top coat.

This morning I was looking at Scrangie’s swatches of the OPI Spider Man collection and I find them so meh. Yawn, yawn, triple yawn. I am really not interested in getting any of the colors anymore.  I was talking to my nail polish guy today about the new Essies and he had the Poppy-Razzi collection in the back so he showed me the colors. I don’t think I’ll be getting any of these either. They are colors I already have and they’re not that interesting once the excitement of something new wore off. He also told me they were ugly and that they are too similar to other colors I already have. What does it mean when the owner of the store talks you out of spending money at his store? He also had the New Love & Acceptance collection, but they’re just a pastel yawnfest.

Back to Cult Nails: First off I would like to say I was super impressed how quickly I got my order despite ordering during a huge sale. I swatched the three polishes I purchased and have no complaints. The formula was creamy, smooth and applied like a dream. Sorry about my greasy looking fingers! My hands have been crazy dry so I’m always moisturizing lately.




My Kind of Cool Aid




I will be buying more Cult Nails polishes in the future for sure. I know that they will be having another $5 sale in the coming weeks so I will be sure to check them out.  What do you think about Cult Nails? Are you a fan?