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China Glaze Holiday Joy 2012

Ok, so I just shared the PR info for the China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection and I suddenly realized that I already had 3 of the polishes. Ehhh???? Well, a few weeks ago I went to one of my nail places and I was in a buying trance and was just grabbing random polishes. If this has never happened to you, then you’re probably not really a nail polish addict. Anywho, when it came to add the polishes to my spreadsheet, I realized that they were from the new collection. I am not sure if my nail place put them out by accident or what because they were mixed in with all the other older regular colors. Anywho, I decided to swatch them for you even though they are not even close to the colors that I want from this collection. I am actually really looking forward to Blue Bells (BALLS! hee!) Ring and Winter Holly. My cuticles haven’t quite recovered and my nails are still short so bear with me!


Cranberry Splash

                        China Glaze Cranberry Splash Swatch          China Glaze Cranberry Splash Swatch

Glitter All The Way

           China Glaze Glitter All The Way Swatch       China Glaze Glitter All The Way Swatch


Pure Joy

               China Glaze Pure Joy Swatch               China Glaze Pure Joy Swatch

Aren’t these three the most yawn-worthy colors? I mean, they are so been there done that. There is nothing unique or exciting about these colors because it’s like they are holiday collection staples. Ugh…why did I get them? WHYYYYYYY?   (Press the button!) I didn’t want to make fun of Nancy Kerrigan cause I totally loved her, but I couldn’t help it.

So what other holiday collections are you excited about? Do share!