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Saint Patrick’s Day Nail Looks

I wasn’t really planning to do any Saint Patrick’s Day nails on myself, but after I did my sister-in-law’s nails I felt inspired. She went to a SPD party so she wanted something fun. This is how her nails turned out:

Cute, right?

I obviously also went the green route. I started off with China Glaze Gaga For Green as my base color.

Then I used Color Club Holiday Splendor for the chevron design on my tips.

I should have left it at that, but then I decided to add a shamrock sticker and rhinestones.

Then I thought to myself that the rhinestones looked pretty tacky so I pried them off. Unfortunately, this left a ding on my nails.

And because it bothered me that I could still see where the rhinestones used to be, I then tried to cover it up with glitter.

So by this point, I thought that my nails looked pretty gross and just took everything off and started all over.

This was my final look. I used OPI Mermaid Tears as the base color and Color Club Holiday Splendor for the chevron tips. I used only one design on my accent nail and I was pleased with the way they turned out.

I had a nice SPD after all! I went to dinner with two friends whom I have known since we were kids. After we stuffed ourselves as Lucille’s BBQ, we went to a karaoke lounge and sang all the embarrassing songs that we could think of. Ahhh…it was a lot of fun.

How did you spend SPD? Did you sport any fun and festive nail designs?


Glitter Overload Konadicure

I think I have said that I don’t particularly like glitter polishes. I don’t enjoy the removal process and I hate having gritty nails. Despite this, I am a big fan of Color Club’s Beyond The Mistletoe Collection. All of the glitters in that collection are seriously breathtaking. Today I decided to wear Beyond The Mistletoe:

Then I decided to stamp over it. Well, I don’t exactly like the way this turned out. This stamp would look a lot better with a solid color underneath.

So what do you think? Do you like glitter polishes?