Stamping Saturdays #65

Hello. Have you melted yet? It’s in the 100’s here so excuse my foul mood. Anytime that it gets hotter than Satan’s butthole, I tend to lose my shit. You see, I live in a coastal city so we don’t really need air conditioning except for a few weeks during most Summers. Even then, it’s not anything that we can’t handle, but for someone who hates the heat, I just become a miserable grump. Last night I was debating if I should even attempt to do a mani for Stamping Saturdays because I figured the heat might make my polish act up, but I am glad to report that everything went fine. I initially thought I might be able to polish my nails near a fan, but you know how that went. Anyway, let me show you the simple design I ended up with today.

12I started with 2 coats of Pretty & Polished I Never Kiss and Spell. Can you believe that this is my very first Pretty & Polished?! When I saw that this baby was on sale, I jumped right on it and ended up picking up a few others as well. I was very impressed by how quickly I got my order so that’s always a big plus for me since I hate waiting for orders to ship. This polish has a very delicate holo shimmer that is not super noticeable unless the light hits it just right. The formula is nice and opaque and only requires 2 coats for full coverage. The finish does dry down matte, but you can always top coat it like I did if you prefer a shiny finish.

34A few weeks ago, I bought some plates from Born Pretty because they were 50% off. Since I’m usually a cheapskate, I only bought 6. Now that I have received them, I should have gotten more because they are kind of amazing. This image comes from Born Pretty plate BP-L009 and I used Mentality Black Opaque for my stamping polish. I really wanted to do some fancy decals, but it’s just too darn hot so I once again went for something simple.

I know people tend to be very “opinionated” when I change my nail shape, but I took the plunge anyway. I decided to go with an almond shape about a week ago and now I am just waiting to get more length so that I can do some serious swatching. I’m afraid to ask: what do you think of my new nail shape? Well, I’m going to spend my afternoon with my peanut brat so I hope you enjoy your Saturday as well. Thank you for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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19 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays #65

  1. I am the same way about hot weather. I absolutely hate being sweaty and hot. Guaranteed to put me in a pissy mood every time 🙂

  2. It’s 110 degrees here & the humidity or up from the storms. It’s usually hotter this time of year. Your nails turned out good. I really like that polish. The only stores here are ulta, sephora & Sally’s, dept stores too. Nothing fun, so my polishes are standard.

  3. My only thought after I read the first four sentences of this post: lmao. Sorry it’s so hot where you are! Love your stamping manis. I personally love your nails either way! Your square nails are my nail goals, but I love seeing you change it up! I like to go round every so often too. It gets me out of a rut sometimes, so whichever shape you do, I love it as long as you do!

    1. Thank you so much! Right after I posted, I got upset with my almond nails and regretted shaping them that way. I shaped them down to nubs and now I have to wait for them to grow out. lol I’m so fickle with my nail shape.

  4. I like your nails either shape. You have gorgeous nails anyway. You make me laugh with your descriptions of weather. I’ve never heard that one before. Well, except here. You’re an original and I love that about your blog. I always enjoy seeing your name in my feed. Happy Polishing!

    1. Yes, you do! The almond nails did not last long since I just nubbinized yesterday. lol I always regret it when I change my nail shape, but I tend to do it every few months.

  5. I happen to think that your new nail shape looks very nice on you. People worry too much about what others are doing. If it’s not your thing then just move along, just cause you have an opinion doesn’t always make it right.

    I feel you on the heat grumps, I am the same way. Nobody talk to me or touch me if I’m hot cause you’re likely to get your head bitten off lol.

    1. LOL…no wonder no one has talked to me all day today. hahaha

      I hear ya with those who are very “opinionated.” I don’t mind people’s opinions when they share them respectfully. 🙂

  6. I love how this turned out! I actually like the nail shape. People can be opinionated all they want 🙂 I too get super grumpy when it’s humid outside. These past three days in Toronto have been overly humid. Thank God for AC!

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