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I was expecting it to be much hotter than it is today, so I’m kind of happy about that. Since I don’t have AC, whenever it gets crazy hot it gets hard to swatch. You may have seen the crazy pile of polishes that I had to swatch, but I’m glad to share that I have swatched about 35 of them so far. All of them have been so ridiculously gorgeous that I barely even noticed the crazy amount of polishes I went through. I think I may be the only one who is super happy about summer being almost over. I am pretty happy that this summer hasn’t been completely unbearable, but I know that suddenly the weather will take a huge dump on my head and get insanely hot. For today’s post, I have two insanely sparkly polishes that don’t exactly scream fall, but they are ridiculously flashy and bright. I always look forward to the DS releases, so let’s take a look at the OPI Designer Series Polished Quartz duo for fall 2014.

OPI DS Titanium 1OPI DS Titanium 2OPI DS Titanium

OPI DS Tourmaline 1OPI DS Tourmaline 2OPI DS Tourmaline

Was I lying about how gorgeous these two are? Since the polishes are in a jelly-type base, they are pretty sheer so I applied 3 coats for my swatches. I played around with them a bit since swatching them and they look amazing layered over other colors so the possibilities are endless. I have an extra set of these babies so make sure to check back for my next awesome giveaway. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and if you’re in the US, I hope you are enjoying your long weekend. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

P.S. I have added a lot of items to my blog sale so make sure you check it out.

12 thoughts on “OPI Designer Series Polished Quartz Fall 2014

  1. I bet these will look crazy good layered as well!

    How long does it take you to swatch, photograph and edit the pics if you’re swatching for example an 8 piece collection? I’ve always wondered how you awesome swatchers get around doing it all so fast and blogging almost every day. It takes me AGES to swatch whole collections, especially if there’s something more complex than cremes involved. I do mainly nail art stuff and I just can’t imagine publishing swatch posts every day and maintaining a full-time job and relationships at the same time 😀 I’ve been wondering this lately since I seem to be doing more and more swatching these days and sometimes it’s a struggle to get it all done in time.
    Emma/Wastinglifestyle recently posted..Cadillacquer Welcome to Charming swatches & reviewMy Profile

    1. I think I tend to be slow because every time I sit down to swatch, I’m usually watching tv too. haha! If I had a dedicated polish area/room where I could set everything up, I think I could get everything done quickly and painlessly. I think that the time it takes me varies greatly depending on the polishes. When the formula is problematic, it can take me forever but if they are nice and easy to work with, I can get through them quickly. Normally, I set aside a weekend day to be lazy, swatch and watch TV basically all day. I think it takes up an enormous amount of time and people who don’t have our hobby tend to judge. There have been times when I decline to actually go out and do things with family or friends because I have so much swatching to do and they don’t get that. I mean, it’s MY hobby and I enjoy it so I wish people would treat it like any other hobby. But you are right–it’s so hard to do so much swatching. It’s time consuming, but it also beats up your hands. I think the worst part is when ALL the brands release their collections at the same time because it gets insane. Luckily, a lot of the times they are spaced out a bit so it’s not completely overwhelming. I’ve thought about doing more nail art stuff but I think I am a swatcher at heart and would really miss it.

      1. Thank you for answering 🙂 I’m really relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who spends ages swatching 😀 Swatching the recent Cadillacquer collection I spent basicly two whole days working on it and yes, I had to decline seeing my friends that weekend. I felt a bit bad but then again there’s no chance I could do a lot of swatching on the weekdays because there’s just no time between work and other stuff. I think the indie collections are the most troublesome since they often need a really short turn-around time for their products. Mainstream brands are easier that way, their collections are rarely limited in quantity. I have a dedicated desk for nail polish stuff but I struggle with photographing…the desk is so small I have to clean up everything in order to put my light box in place and then remove it all in order to get to the next polish and GAAH it’s such a hassle. I’m so getting my own polishing room when I win the lottery. Could be any day now… 😀
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  2. How does the application compare to Zoya’s Tickled & Bubbly polish? The pink one reminds me a lot of Zoya Harper from that collection, but I’m not a fan of the application of Zoya’s Tickled/Bubbly polish. It would be cool to know if these are better.

  3. You know what? That IS another reason to dislike hot weather – don’t interfere with my polishing, lol.
    Agreeing with you about summer 100% (as always).
    Holy schnikes, Titanium! *jaw on floor* Yep, you gotta be mine. Imma be ALL OVER entering that giveaway like it’s ma job.

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