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I worked at 6 am today which is NOT the way I like to start of my Saturday but it wasn’t very busy so I did a lot of reading. I hate not being busy at work!! I did, however, get to listen to some of my co-workers’ conversation which centered around playing the “Who would you rather….” game. Ok, those of you who know me or have been following me for a while now know that I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. However, does that mean that I want to hear that crap at work? NO! Some people are so unprofessional. I’ve been involved in some unsavory conversations in the past, but I try to keep it quiet and not broadcast it to the rest of the office! Anyway, after work I decided to go to my nail places and I kind of bought too much stuff.  Are you ready to see what I got?


This is the Essie Madison Aven-hue Collection for Spring 2013. Ahhh…so purty. The two pink/lavender colors look very similar so I can’t wait to compare them on my nails.


And here I got a selection from the Sation Candylandia and Miss Antoinette Collections. You all know I love me some Sations so I was super excited to find these!! My local places have been seriously lagging in getting these collections so I jumped for joy when I found them. I bought a few other polishes, but I won’t tell you which ones or HOW MANY because I’m just kind of embarrassed. All I have to say in my defense is that work has been hell on earth for me and I really needed some retail therapy. After the polish binge, I headed over to this Vietnamese bakery that has the absolute BEST baguettes and I also bough a few eggrolls which pretty much disappeared before I got to my car. Not only did I have a polish overload, but I also ate some fried delicacies and some really awesome crusty and warm bread with some cheese. Ahhhh….I was in heaven.

Enough of my adventures in heart disease and polish hoarding. Today I’m going to share a new polish from Ninja Polish that came out with Divinity. I could not resist this duo so that’s how my greedy polished hands got these.

Ninja Polish Ambrosia Swatch


Ninja Polish Ambrosia Swatch

Ninja Polish Ambrosia Swatch

Ninja Polish Ambrosia Swatch

What do you think of Ninja Polish Ambrosia? I posted a preview yesterday on Facebook and most people seemed to really like this color. I must admit that while I do think the color is great, it’s just not me. It doesn’t enchant me or make me happy. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who will love this polish and will rock the hell out of it…it just won’t be me.  I found that the formula on this polish is a little thin so I had to apply 4 thin coats, but I think 3 medium coats would be enough. I don’t have many Ninja Polish brand polishes, but I really like the brush on the bottles–the remind me of OPI bottles and brushes which are my absolute favorite for my wide nails. If anyone is interested, I will be putting this up on my blog sale so it can go to a loving home. You can also purchase this directly from Ninja Polish by clicking here.

I’m on my way out to go watch Zero Dark Thirty with a friend–finally! I’ve been wanting to watch it for a long time so I’m excited to see it since I’ve heard so many good things about it.  Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

12 thoughts on “Ninja Polish Ambrosia

  1. Glad to see your feeling better-spirited-and so unlike those who broadcast “unsavory” conversations” all over the place like Twitter……..

  2. I really like this color but don’t seem to wear reds enough to justify the purchase. And I feel you on the working early on Saturdays. I’m working a job currently that has me at almost 70 hours at the end of the day today. 6 10’s are hard! And I’m around salty construction workers so the convos end up pretty vulgar by the end of the day.
    Jessica recently posted..Barry M Indigo + Girly Bits Shift HappensMy Profile

  3. I don’t own any Ninja Polishes…I’ve seen pretty swatches, but have never been OMG I NEED about any of them. This is a pretty color, but I’d pass on it. I don’t go for reds very often, and when I do I stay away from the tomato or orangey red like this.
    You have a lightning speed turn over….You probably banish your polishes to blog sale status before your nails even dry 😛
    Frosso recently posted..Dollish Polish Spank You Very MuchMy Profile

  4. I could really use some adventures in heart disease and polish hoarding. Well- at least the polish hoarding. Haha. I might go do some shopping tomorrow. 🙂 I’m always jealous of your Sation finds. I like this NP polish just fine, but I think my thoughts echo yours. It’s like pretty and all but doesn’t do anything special for me. I do like the shimmer and the color is vibrant… just… idk. I’m a party pooper. I kinda hate when people are so stupid and unprofessional at work. I mean, if other people can’t hear you or have to go out of their way to hear you- fine. But you don’t need to act like you’re cool acting like a 17 year old and share it w the whole workplace.
    Nicole recently posted..Fun. NailsMy Profile

  5. The “would you rather” conversation reminds me of the “o face” guy from Office Space. Or Todd Packer. Or both.
    SO…JEALOUS. Spring Essie? *cries* Candyland Sations? *cries harder* Additional polish AND baked goods? *gives up and weeps on the floor*
    Of course you have the two brand-new Ninja exclusives, too, hahaha. I’m with you on this one…I like it, but I personally wouldn’t buy it.
    I heard Zero Dark Thirty was good. I think I’d have a hard time seeing Andy from Parks and Rec as a Navy seal, but maybe I’d get over it, haha.

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