Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish

This polish brought me back to my childhood in a good but kind of tragic way. Let me explain. Growing up, I was never allowed to have a pet because my mom always had major allergies along with severe asthma.  I always longed to have a pet–a cute little dog to play with just like all the other kids I knew. One day, my godmother gave me an awesome present: a goldfish! A goldfish of my very own! I ran around like a bat out of hell with my little goldfish in a plastic bag filled with water until my mom calmed me down enough to help me put it in a bowl. I immediately named him Roger. I took out my little bottle of fish food and I sprinkled some in. And then I sprinkled in some more. And then a little more. And then some more. The next morning, I woke up and ran to Roger’s fishbowl and I noticed that he was floating upside down in his bowl. How cute–he was floating and relaxing. Well, by now you know that he was relaxing all the way to fish heaven. I was distraught when I couldn’t get him to swim around, and I screamed when my mom flushed him down the toilet. Just like that. Welcome to the real world, Cynthia. It’s a cold, cold place. I had to wait another 20-some years before I had a chance to get another pet and that ended in heartbreak as well. Am I just meant to never have a pet? Ugh…sadness. Anyway, my sob stories definitely don’t change the fact that I am pretty much gaga over Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish.

I know this song is called Lucky Love, but I am kind of obsessed with Ace of Base and I kept humming this song while I was polishing my nails with Lucky Goldfish. Don’t judge, ok?

I started out with two coats of Nubar Dusk Till Dawn.

Nubar Dusk Till Dawn Swatch

Nubar Dusk Till Dawn Swatch

I’m always a complete sucker for a rich and saturated blue so you can already guess that I love this polish. Dusk Till Dawn is a new color from Nubar’s My Sweet Escape Collection for Spring 2013 so I’m glad to be giving it a whirl. Why are there so many amazing polishes out there lately. I want them all! The formula on Dusk Till Dawn is a little sheer. The first coat was very sheer and somewhat streaky but it built up nicely. I applied 2 additional thin coats and that seemed to do the job. I then topped this with one coat of Lucky Goldfish.

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish Swatch

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish Swatch

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish Swatch

Lucky Goldfish is a sheer blue jelly based polish full of gorgeous coppery glitter. This reminds me of Barielle Falling start but better…way better. This polish was the perfect consistency, and I did not have to fuss with the glitter despite just purchasing a mini. I am completely obsessed with the copper glitter and how it looks against this vibrant blue.

So what do you think about this polish? Is it something you would wear. Be sure to check out all the other lovely Kunimitsu Nail Potions creation here. What are you waiting for?? Thanks for catching up with me today, and enjoy your Friday!



11 thoughts on “Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish

  1. I laughed so hard at your goldfish story; my younger brother & I did the same thing when we were little, I mean everyone has breakfast, lunch & dinner plus snacks in between right? Why not goldfish? Your nails look flawless by the way, I really love the color combo, it’s stunning. Is the Nubar anything like Baker Street?

  2. Poor Roger and poor baby Cynthia! Teh sad. 🙁
    Ace of Base was my first CD, hahaha. I’m pretty sure that I still have it.
    I would for sure wear both of these colors! I love the combination. I hadn’t heard of Kunimitsu until reading this post and one of your guest posts…I will resist clicking the link for now!

  3. Oooohhh I loved this when you previewed it on twitter or wherever. I absolutely love it. Good call on the base color so not as to waste that lovely blue w the coppery glitter. 🙂 That’s sad about your goldfish. :-/ I had goldfish when I was a kid, because my parents didn’t want a messy dog and they always died. We eventually just took down the tank cuz it was constantly being the final resting place of new fish, and nothing else. Now that I’m an adult though I know that there’s a lot more to fish than acclimating them to the tank water and not over feeding them, and I’ve had the same 2 angelfish and some glow light tetras for like 2 years. They were Daniel’s idea (full of ideas, that guy is) and guess who ends up really researching them and taking care of them for the most part? Oh yes, it is she who paints her nails. :p Anyway, sorry bout your less than stellar pet luck, but hopefully in the future you’ll find a pet that fits your lifestyle more perfectly, or maybe you could get a job working w animals and have your fill of them there! 😀
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