Blogger Spotlight: Tina From Light Of The Moon Nails

Hello friends! Today I have another lovely lady participating in my Blogger Spotlight series: Tina from Light Of The Moon Nails. I hope you enjoy reading about the fun mani she planned for us.


The moment I saw Nails Inc. Noho, their leather finish, I knew it would be mine….MINE.  I am bonkers for textured polish…matte…liquid sand…concrete.  You name it, I love it.  So when Cynthia asked me to guest post, I knew that I would do something with this edgy, cool and awesome polish.  But what to do with it?  Why not include one of the (many) polishes that I purchased from Cynthia’s blog sale?   And pay homage to Cynthia’s mani that she did with the same polish. So here goes.





I started with Orly Surreal Satin.  I absolutely LOVE this polish.  Love the coral color….love the finish….love the way it seems to glow from within.  Good luck finding this polish.  It was originally released in 1997.  I think that makes it an antique in the polish world, don’t you?


Next I sponged Ninja Polish The Midas Touch.  This clear polish is filled with actual gold leaf flakes, but unlike a lot of the other gold flake polish out there, is half the price.  You can purchase this polish HERE They also have a silver leaf polish too, if you’re more attracted to silver.




Next I did a half moon with Nails Inc. Noho.  I used hole reinforcers for the half moons, but I think next time I will try to freehand them.  I have such a hard time eyeing where the moons should start, especially on my pinky.




I decided it needed a bit more, so I added some gold heart crystals to a couple of tips.  Look at that awesome finish on Noho.  It has just enough texture, not to much, not too little, and really does remind me of a black leather couch (tee hee).




Finally, because of the crystals, I decided to find out what would happen if I added a top coat.  I used one THIN coat of  OPI Top Coat.  The texture was still there!  Don’t use Seche Vite though.  No texture if you use one of the thicker top coats.  I do, however, like this polish better without a top coat.  One more pic and then Im done.  Thanks again Cynthia!



I’ve been keeping an eye on Nails Inc. Noho so maybe now I will take the plunge and get it! Make sure that you head over there to Tina’s blog to show her some nail lovers support. Click here for her blog.  She is a challenge champ!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. If you are interested in being featured in a blogger spotlight, don’t hesitate to contact me. Talk to you later!

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