KBShimmer The One Soul – PPU September 2018

Hi there. I hope your week is going smashingly well. Even though it’s a short workweek for me due to the Labor Day holiday, I’ve been pretty busy so the days are just flying by. Now that we are in September, I am getting ready for my birthday time off. I took a few days just to veg out and relax so I’m definitely looking forward to that towards the end of the month. Now, for today’s polish I have KBShimmer The One Soul which draws its inspiration from Constantine. Let’s check out some swatches below.



KBShimmer The One Soul

KBShimmer The One Soul

KBShimmer The One Soul

KBShimmer The One Soul

This polish is very unique in my collection. I love how it looks in its warm state but like the very deep contrast when subjected to cool temperatures. I will be 100% honest–I sucked at getting good pictures of this polish in the cold state because it’s so darn warm in my apartment. The formula was nice: easy to control and opaque after 2 coats.


Here is what Christy had to say regarding her inspiration for this polish:

For me, Constantine is the type of horror movie I love. No jumping out, no bloody axes, but lots of demons, and good guys battling for our souls. Constantine is plagued with the ability to see what is beyond the earth, into hell and see the half-demons and half-angels that are all around. The problem? Full-fledged demons are trying to break into earth along with the son of Lucifer. Constantine is of course our hero trying to prevent this abomination from coming through. The One True Soul, our September PPU shade is a nod to the only goad Lucifer himself would come to collection, Constantine. This very collection scene, with its shades of light green playing against the dark shadows, sets the stage for the movies climax perfectly. To pay homage to The One Soul, we started with a hauntingly muted mint green base that leans blue-gray. We then added a hint of sparkle, and sparks of shimmery turquoise color. Because we had to give a nod to the horror aspect of the film, this shade is thermal, shifting to a deep midnight to near black depending on how cold your hands are. This shade is best in 2-3 coats depending on nail length.

I don’t know about you, but I love horror movies so everyone is killing it this month for PPU. Did you know that PPU for September starts tomorrow, 9/7/18, and will run through 9/10/18. This polish will retail for $11 and will have no cap so head on over to polishpickup.com to get your goodies! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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KBShimmer The One Soul KBShimmer The One Soul KBShimmer The One Soul KBShimmer The One Soul

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