KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

I made it through the weekend, and I survived Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese’s with my brats. Jonas was on his best behavior for a while, but it seems that he gets very shy when he is the center of attention. When we started singing to him so he could blow out his candles, he started crying! I think he just felt overwhelmed with all of the attention because he got over it fairly quickly once we moved on. He was also crazy scared of Chuck E. Cheese and refused to touch him when he came out for the birthday dance. It was pretty funny, and I got plenty of pictures and videos. Besides that, I didn’t have too much going on this weekend and spent a couple of hours swatching a few polishes. As you may recall, last week KBShimmer announced their rebranding. I think it’s gorgeous and am so happy that the polishes come in boxes now–they have such a luxe feel to them. I was able to pick out a few polishes from the core collection to share with you since they are now all rebranded in the new bottles. The shade I have for you today is KBShimmer Fig-Get About it. Let me show you some swatches below.



KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

This is a gorgeous dark burgundy purple with linear holographic pigment. While you can’t see the full holo spectrum in my pictures, the polish comes alive in the sun.


KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

Just to spruce it out a bit, I did some very simple silver stamping. I used the Pueen transparent stamper with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and it picked up the image pretty nicely. You’ll be happy to hear that the formula on Fig-Get About It is nice and very workable: it only needed two coats for full opacity. This polish can be purchased at kbshimmer.com for $10. Let me know what you think about this polish and my stamping in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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KBShimmer Fig-Get About It KBShimmer Fig-Get About It KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

14 thoughts on “KBShimmer Fig-Get About It

  1. Love the polish and I am totally digging the new packaging!! Very nice. You are doing quite a bit of stamping of late… I love it!

  2. Your stamping over this works so well. My son (20) also was shy not expecting us to sing lol but my 3 yr old granddaughter blew his candles out!

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