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It’s been pretty hot lately, but that doesn’t keep me from getting all excited about Fall collections. I’ve been working my butt off lately to get a lot of things swatched because once again I have fallen behind. Now that my parents are going back home after their very (very!) long visit, hopefully I’ll have more time to myself and be on a more regular schedule with my swatching and posting. Today I have the KBShimmer Fall Collection for 2016, and I can already tell you I’m in love. Let me show you my swatches below.

KBShimmer Little Boy Hue 1

KBShimmer Little Boy Hue 2

KBShimmer Little Boy Hue

KBShimmer Grin and Gerbera It 1

KBShimmer Grin and Gerbera It 2

KBShimmer Grin and Gerbera It

KBShimmer The Best Mum Ever 1

KBShimmer The Best Mum Ever 2

KBShimmer The Best Mum Ever

KBShimmer Sweet Devotion 1

KBShimmer Sweet Devotion 2

KBShimmer Sweet Devotion 

KBShimmer Tiers of Joy 1

KBShimmer Tiers of Joy 2

KBShimmer Tiers of Joy

KBShimmer Sage It Ain’t So 1

KBShimmer Sage It Ain’t So 2

KBShimmer Sage It Ain’t So

KBShimmer Fright This Way 1

KBShimmer Fright This Way 2

KBShimmer Fright This Way

KBShimmer Turning Pointe 1

KBShimmer Turning Pointe 2

KBShimmer Turning Pointe

KBShimmer Flake Me Home Tonight 1

KBShimmer Flake Me Home Tonight 2

KBShimmer Flake Me Home Tonight

KBShimmer Poppy Kisses 1

KBShimmer Poppy Kisses 2

KBShimmer Poppy Kisses

KBShimmer Orchidding Me 1

KBShimmer Orchidding Me 2

KBShimmer Orchidding Me?

KBShimmer Oh My Ganache 1

KBShimmer Oh My Ganache 2

KBShimmer Oh My Ganache

Oh good Lord! The holos in this collection are out of this world. Because my lighting set up does not really let holos shine, I did a quick swatch of 4 shades in direct sunlight. I posted the picture on my instagram so check it out:


I am never disappointed by KBShimmer and this collection is no exception. The formula on all of these beauties is great which means that they are opaque in color and have a great consistency. I used two coats of polish for all my swatches and one coat of glossy top coat. I really can’t pick any favorites because they are all so gorgeous, but from the holos, I absolutely adore Orchidding Me? and Oh My Ganache.

The official release date for the KBShimmer Fall Collection is 08/19/2016.  For your convenience I have listed all the places where you can purchase KBShimmer:






So what do you think about this collection? Which are your favorite shades? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!


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