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Hello and happy Monday! Can’t you just feel the sarcasm dripping from that phrase? I hope that you had a nice weekend. I actually had a pretty busy weekend and two things ruined it: it was blazing hot and I broke a nail–on my swatching hand! It seems that I very rarely break nails because I tend to keep them so short, but I was doing tons of cleaning and washing dishes on Sunday that it must have happened during that time. I actually didn’t even notice that it was broken until was washing my hair and my hair got caught in it. Ugh! It’s my pinky nail so I hope that it grows quickly. I also got a haircut on Friday and I’m kind of regretting it now because it’s super short–the shortest I have ever gone and it’s really hard to do anything with it. Thankfully, my hair grows super fast so I won’t have to deal with this length for too long. I am thinking about finally letting my hair grow again…let’s see how long this lasts!

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you today is the launch of a new giveaway, courtesy of OPI, for the OPI DS Polished Quartz Collection which consist of Tourmaline and Titanium.

DSgiveaway1I really liked these and hope that whoever wins them enjoys them as much as I did. One lucky reader will win both of these babies. In order to enter, use the rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway is open internationally.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Giveaway – OPI DS Polished Quartz

    1. Yes, that’s perfectly normal. It kind of makes sense since you can’t gain new entries anymore when the giveaway is closed.

      1. Okay, thank you for getting back to me! I just wasn’t sure because it goes down to 0.. so it makes it seem like my entries are being taken away. It would make more sense if it had the 12 entries that I had earned still there, but had no options to get more entries.

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