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Can I complain about something today? I am so sick of people and their cell phones. If I have to be in an elevator with one more person yapping loudly about something stupid, I’m going to get stabby. Even worse, I can’t stand it when people are talking on their phones while they drive because it’s freaking dangerous. I had a close call with a lady who was driving like a maniac because she was on her phone, and she had the nerve to flip me off as if I had done something wrong! Well, to all you out there who continue to yap on your phones (hands free or not) while you drive, I salute you:

Mr.-Bean-Flipping-The-Bird-From-a-Classy-Car-In-An-Upper-Class-NeighborhoodAnyway, that’s enough of my complaining. To counteract my sour mood about cell phones in general, I have some hot, hot, hot polishes to show you. So I’ve been going bananas for the last couple of months about the Essie Too Taboo Summer Neons Collection. I have this unhealthy obsession with getting every single Essie collection no matter what they look like or how many lilacs they have. Before I get into the swatches, I just wanted to say that I’m not happy with these pictures at all. My camera was acting super wonky, and it was really hard to get good pictures. I also used wayyyy too much cuticle oil and moisturizer so my fingers ended up looking greasy. Eeekk! I decided to post the picture anyway because I just did not want to sit through re-swatching the whole collection. I feel like I am all swatched out, and I am going to give myself a break for the next 5 days. In fact, I just filed my nails waaaay down, but they grow so fast that in another week they’ll be long again. Let’s get this show on the road already!

Essie I'm Addicted 1Essie I'm Addicted 2Essie I’m Addicted

Essie Chills & Thrills 1Essie Chills & Thrills 2Essie Chills & Thrills

Essie Vices Versa 1Essie Vices Versa 2Essie Vices Versa

Essie Too Taboo 1Essie Too Taboo 2Essie Too Taboo

Essie Sittin' Pretty 1Essie Sittin' Pretty 2Essie Sittin’ Pretty

Essie Serial Shopper 1Essie Serial Shopper 2Essie Serial Shopper

DSC06904This is what the colors looked like on a swatching wheel in direct sunlight.

I’m torn. I’m torn because I pined for this collection for so long that I feel silly saying that I’m not in love with it. We all know that neons can be really finicky so I was trying to mentally prepare myself before I even started. Yep, some of these polishes were difficult…

cringebritI think Brit feels my pain. Neon formulas are usually a big ick in my book so I can’t really fault these polishes for acting like the neons they are. Before anyone starts telling me that they would be so much better if I would use a white base, save your breath–I know about wearing a white base. What do you think this is? Just a little hobby? (Yes, I’m being sarcastic so don’t get offended!) I almost always refuse to wear white underneath because one of my major nail pet peeves is the white base peeking out from the edges. It makes me want to barf!  I can tell you that most of these polishes need 3 coats with the exception of Too Taboo and Chills & Thrills. While these two were ok with 2 coats, they also dried the quickest out of the collection which means that you have less time to work with them. Your best bet with neon polishes is to work fast and not overwork the polish or else you risk getting a lumpy uneven finish. I let each coat dry thoroughly before applying another, and this seemed to help a lot. All of these polishes dry to a satiny finish so you will need some top coat if you want a glossy finish. I applied one coat of Seche Vite on all of these because shiny nails is my thang. The color I was most excited about was Vices Versa because this year I seem to be all about lime green. Can it be the 2015 Pantone Color Of The Year, please? So anyway, if you are thinking about getting these polishes, go into it knowing that the formula is not a walk in the park. They are definitely NOT the worst neons I have ever used so don’t feel too discouraged just yet. While I like these colors, I don’t think they are super unique–especially for people who have massive collections. If you’re interested in these polishes, I have put them up in my blog sale. (Please note that I will give preference to those who want to buy the whole collection.)

Well, I hope that you had a lovely weekend! I had a busy weekend, and now I have too much to do during the week. I’m still upset that it’s Monday again so let me wallow in my pit of sadness. Let me know what you think about this collection. Are you still excited about picking these up? It looks like the polishes are already popping up here and there but aren’t officially out until next month. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

18 thoughts on “Essie Too Taboo Summer Neons Collection 2014

  1. I take public transit and there’s nothing worse than someone who carries on the LOUDEST phone conversation for the entire train ride. If I wanted to be in on your private conversations, I’d be friends with you, buddy.

  2. Oh man… You’re probably not happy with me. How do you expect me to read your blog if I don’t read it on my way to work while driving down the freeway? Sometimes it’s still hard to read and comment because there are so many idiotic drivers out here, geez am I the only one who knows how to drive??? And plus, I also have to eat my breakfast and do my makeup. But you know what’s awesome? My mom got me this adapter so I can actually plug my hair straightener into the cigarette lighter so basically I just have to brush my teeth and wash my face at home. It saves so much time! Anyway, I like these colors but they’re not nearly as “neon” as I was expecting. I do like the green and the peachy color but pooh about the formula and the lack of retina searing quality. Well I better go… I’m downtown and I swear people are so dumb. I just passed like 8 people going the wrong way and they’re all honking at ME and stuff… Ugh. Oh shit.. Maybe I went the wrong way down a one-way street again… GOTTA GO!
    Nicole recently posted..NailMates ReviewMy Profile

  3. Hmm. I’m quite sick of neons in general because they tend to be the same shades every year over and over again. And the assface formulas, don’t even get me started. However I’m liking some of these not-so-usual neon shades….do you have OPI Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? I’m wondering how Serial Shopper compares to that. It seems like every brand is launching that Man-Go color this year and for some reason I’m falling for it HARD. Sittin Pretty looks nice too but I’m quessing I have like a gazillion dupes for it…:D
    Emma/WL recently posted..Another FijiMy Profile

  4. I literally cannot stop laughing at the Mr. Bean gif. I love it. ROFL! We went out to dinner last night at Red Lobster (don’t judge me!) and I silenced my phone before we sat down because there is nothing worse than being out to dinner as a treat and hearing people’s ringtones!!

    This collection is nice but so many colors remind me of other colors from last year’s collections of essies. But I agree…dat lime green *drools*!!
    Jessica recently posted..Précision Nail Lacquer Toxic Love Collection (partial)My Profile

  5. Chills and Thrills is the name of a super sketchy-looking strip club near where i live lololol like, it is so sketchy looking that no one seems to know for sure if it is actually still in business.

    I like a lot of these colors, but i KNOW i have dupes for all of them. MUST RESIST.

  6. That Mr. Bean clip…LOL!
    I actually don’t own that many neons because of the formulas. And I’m with you on the white undies…I tried it once, and, whoo, boy, did that not look very good. I’d be willing to try it again because I’m a bit better at painting now, but I still feel like a polish shouldn’t require the extra step.
    I dunno…I want to be obsessing over these, but I’m just kind of not. I guess the overall impression I get is “they’re OK, if you’re prepared for a neon.”
    Nicole wins at the Internet today.

  7. Where’s the grease? Mine look like I dipped my hands in a vat of oil compared to yours!
    These aren’t as neon as I were expecting. Maybe they look more neon in person cause I know neons are a bitch to photograph. I still want them all, and I do love the look of I’m Addicted and Serial Shopper.
    Frosso recently posted..Stamping SaturdayMy Profile

  8. Omg I love Mr. Bean! I too am sick of cell phones. The last person who rear-ended me and ruined my health/life did it because she was a friggity friggin’ beotch on a cell phone.
    I love your swatches, I don’t see anything nasty and greasy haha! Neons are terrible to photograph but you still make me want these. Love Essie. Love you. Enjoy your break! That is all.
    Shelby Lou Nails recently posted..Zoya Dillon with Love, Angeline Nail ShieldsMy Profile

  9. I am getting increasingly disappointed with each Essie collection that comes out…they are beautiful colours but nothing new or super interesting, I feel like I have them all already! Especially their summery ones. Saves me money, but disappointing that I’m not buying new polishes!

  10. Okay, Mr. Bean made me giggle and I choked on my leftover Cadbury mini eggs when I read your thoughts on white peeking out from underneath neons 😉 These are so pretty, but yeah…not sure I feel like “dealing” with them (who I am I kidding again? I’ll prob pick up at least 3) Beautiful swatches as always!

  11. Oh my gosh, I am laughing SO HARD at that Mr. Bean gif. He is amazing, and I completely get how you feel about people and their cell phones. It makes me worried for the future that people are so connected to cell phones.

    Anyway, I don’t care about formula issues, I’m totally loving some of this collection, and I’m pretty much going to be stalking the drug stores until they put it up. I need the fuchsia, teal, and green, but I promise not to layer them over white lest I cause illness in passersby. Although, I can honestly agree that’s something that bothers me too.

    Thanks for great swatches and an honest review, as usual!
    Allison C recently posted..Butter London Summer 2014 Lolly Brights Swatch & Stamp: LollyMy Profile

  12. I’ve heard mixed things about this collection, which is a shame since I love neons. I did pick up I’m Addicted this weekend though and hope that it’s not too finicky. The color is so pretty!

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