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Hey chickadees! How is your week going so far? I can’t believe that we are almost through the last week of January. Holy frijoles! Where does time go? I’ve been chugging along…working, swatching, buying a million polishes…new year, same old same old. I am pretty excited about all of the Spring collections that are about to drop so that’s definitely keeping my swatching schedule busy. I should have the Zoya Satins up on the blog next week (since quite a few of you have asked me), the KBShimmer Spring Collection will be on my blog on 2/1 and you are going to DIE–it’s amazing. I will also have the Essie Resort Collection up next week and the Zoya Spring Collection as well. After that I am expecting my shipment of OPI Hawaii and some of the Infinite Shine polishes that I’m super excited to try out. So yes…lot’s of fun stuff coming to ye olde blog. Today I have a collection that I had been lusting over ince I first saw swatches. I stalked my beauty supply until they came in and of course I grabbed them all. Since I’m the one person on the planet that adored Belugaria, I was thinking I would enjoy these “different” polishes. Before I get into my thoughts (and oh boy do I have thoughts), let me show you my swatches. Here is the Essie Cashmere Matte Collection for your perusal.

Essie Coat Couture 1Essie Coat Couture 2Essie Coat Couture

Essie Spun in Luxe 1Essie Spun in Luxe 2Essie Spun in Luxe

Essie Wrap Me Up 1Essie Wrap Me Up 2Essie Wrap Me Up

Essie Just Stitched 1Essie Just Stitched 2Essie Just Stitched

Essie Comfy In Cashmere 1Essie Comfy In Cashmere 2Essie Comfy In Cashmere

Essie All Eyes on Nudes 1Essie All Eyes on Nudes 2Essie All Eyes on Nudes

When I first saw swatches of these, I was like chomping at the bit: Essie. Check! Shimmer. Check! Luxurious mattes. Check! Beautiful transitional colors. Check! Then I tried them. Uncheck errrything. I think that these look absolutely horrendous on me. In the words of a friend who shall remain nameless: “these essie cashmere mattes or whatever make your fingers look shitty.” I seriously cracked up reading that because it’s so true. These look kind of foul on me. Not only do they look gross on me, but I had the hardest time working with them. You can see how uneven my application looks in my pictures. Part of it might be that I have a really damaged and uneven nail surface right now, but I also found them kind of goopy and just hard to deal with–like most mattes. I think that top coating them might have helped to make them look more smooth, but I was just not in the mood to even deal with them any longer. In their defense, the idea of what these could have been is freaking spectacular. The shimmer in these polishes elevates them–makes them infinitely more interesting. The shimmer doesn’t disappear on the nail so of course that excited me to no end. Now, if you want to see swatches of how gorgeous they can look, you can check out Eugenia’s post or Karen’s post about this collection. They made me want them bad…and then I wanted to drop an a-bomb on the whole collection. I’ve started to call them the Cash-smears Collection just cause I don’t like them and cause I’m terribly sad about it. Look, I wouldn’t be this sad about it if I didn’t love Essie so much. I feel like I write this in 80% of my Essie reviews–not a good trend. haha Anyway, considering how torturous this collection was, I leave you with Shakira’s La Tortura cause they were pure torture to apply…and because this video features my #1 hot lava Alejandro Sanz. Yep, enjoy…and I’ll talk to you later.

12 thoughts on “Essie Cashmere Matte Collection 2015

  1. Firstly, I’m not an Essie fan. I don’t think their formulas gel with my body chemistry since both that I have chip on me within hours. Also, they are super expensive here so it really just isn’t worth it for me. Secondly, I checked out the posts and in my humble opinion these look better with a top coat which just defeats the whole purpose. I think you did a great job with the swatches considering how tricky they were.
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    1. Totally agree, not an Essie fan either, I rarely wear those I do have, and agree they’re too expensive. For some reason I spent full price on Coat Couture and Comfy in Cashmere. I wore Coat Couture the night I bought them last week. I liked it fine, didn’t love it or hate it. But I don’t think I will need anymore mattes. I will probably never get the Zoya Satins, maybe the topcoat, but I already have the Zoya velvet mattes or whatever.

  2. awww… I felt the same way about seeing those swatches on the same sites. I wanted them all! but seeing them in person now that they are at my Walgreens and reading your review… a bit more wary now. I am sad to hear they didn’t work for you. Both Karen and Eugenia did remark about the fussy formula on a couple of them( i think it was All Eyes and Wrap Me Up) so I know to steer clear of those. I will probably end up with a couple just to satisfy my lemming/curiosity. But not so eager to jump as I was before. Oh, Essie! Always hit and miss with them.

  3. Essie is very expensive in my country too, and new collections do not arrive very quick, but I ordered some of these on Ebay, I paid US$ 4,50 each

  4. Essie is hit or miss for me, they have some of the worst polishes, but also some of my favorites.
    I don’t know how I feel about this finish…
    When I first saw them, I wasn’t impressed, either make your polishes matte or shiny!
    But I have to admit, they’re growing on me.

    I have ordered Spun in luxe, so we’ll see how I feel about the finish, but Wrap me up and Just stiched look really pretty too.
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  5. so I immediately did the “oooohhhhhh” when I saw you would be swatching them! Then as I scrolled it was more of a “hmmm”….. And a “ohhh…” And sadly a “um, noooo”. Then I felt bad for a second, until I read your review and felt comfort that I wasn’t alone in this!!! I know if you had application issues…. Yea… I’m screwed.

  6. I don’t care about the formula, I frigging love this collection! It’s beautiful, it’s interesting. I really want Comfy In Cashmere. Off to Target to hunt these down.

  7. (and oh boy do I have thoughts) LOL.
    I agree with you that the IDEA with the shimmer seems great, but, yeah…these are just unattractive with their streak-tasticness.
    I love the addition of the quote. 😉 The polishes may have been a bomb, but at least this post was entertaining! 🙂

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