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Hello! This is kind of a late night post for me since I usually like to post in the morning, but I’ve been kind of out of it lately so I figured that since I got a burst of energy now, I might as well write this up right now before I go to bed. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I love China Glaze. You also know that I never miss out on a collection because…well…I am a freak and have no self control. When I first saw the promo shots for the China Glaze Road Trip Collection for Spring 2015, I just about pissed myself just because I love spring collections, I love China Glaze and I love anything that remotely hints at travel. As soon as my beauty supply got these in, I got the whole lot so I could try them all out. Well, how do you think it went? Let me show you the colors before I get into the dirty details.

China Glaze My Way or the Highway 1China Glaze My Way or the Highway 2China Glaze My Way or the Highway

China Glaze License & Registration Pls 1China Glaze License & Registration Pls 2China Glaze License & Registration Pls

China Glaze Boho Blues 1China Glaze Boho Blues 2China Glaze Boho Blues

China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer 1China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer 2China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer

China Glaze Sun's Up Top Down 1China Glaze Sun's Up Top Down 2China Glaze Sun’s Up Top Down

China Glaze Trip of a Lime Time 1China Glaze Trip of a Lime Time 2China Glaze Trip of a Lime Time

China Glaze Pop The Trunk 1China Glaze Pop The Trunk 2China Glaze Pop The Trunk

China Glaze I Break for Colour 1China Glaze I Break for Colour 2China Glaze I Break for Colour

China Glaze Pack Lightly 1China Glaze Pack Lightly 2China Glaze Pack Lightly

China Glaze More To Explore 1China Glaze More To Explore 2China Glaze More To Explore

China Glaze Pinking Out The Window 1China Glaze Pinking Out The Window 2China Glaze Pinking Out The Window

China Glaze Wanderlust 1China Glaze Wanderlust 2China Glaze Wanderlust

While some of you may think that these colors are kind of boring and that you’ve seen them all before, let me tell you that even for a nail polish freak like me that really has one of EVERYTHING, I really REALLY loved these colors. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the first Spring collections that I have gotten my hands on after a bunch of Fall and Winter colors, but I really fell hard for this collection. It just seems so cohesive and just plain pretty.  The blue shades are gorgeous, the pink/peach colors are a gradient selection made in heaven. Hell, I even loved the yellow…and the green…the green! Ahhh…seriously, I really loved these colors. But. BUT! I hate using the word but because I always feel that everything that comes after the word but basically negates everything that came before it. However (a fancy but), I found the formula on these–not ideal. I don’t know if all of a sudden I suck at applying polish, but all of these felt kind of streaky. The only ones that didn’t really give me any trouble were My Way or the Highway, Boho Blues and License & Registration Pls which only required 2 thin coats. The rest of the polishes required 3 coats…some of them thickish. That definitely did not make me happy. If you’re a person that uses base coat and top coat, that’s like 5 coats of polish on each nail!!! 5 coats of polish make me a sad panda. I haven’t seen too many reviews of these polishes out yet so I don’t know if I just suck at doing my nails now or if others will also find them a bit streaky. Most of these polishes have a really lovely microshimmer that doesn’t show up too much in my pictures but man they look pretty when the light hits them just right. I don’t know about you, but when a polish is really pretty like some of these, I tend to be more forgiving for some formula issues. Ultimately, I would highly recommend the three blues that I mentioned above and a few others if you’re ok with some formula issues. This collection officially comes out in February, but I know that you can get them at a few places already. What do you think of this collection? Will you be getting any of these? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

13 thoughts on “China Glaze Road Trip Collection – Spring 2015

  1. I’ve seen two other reviews and both said that the formula was sucky on these as well, so don’t feel bad. I’ll still be getting the blues I think. I’m. It a warm color lover so I can skip on more than half of this collection.

  2. This collection is sooooo pretty especially those 3 with the shimmer. I’ve seen one other review and it said the formula was ok to work with.

  3. I love this collection! So much better than OPI Hawaii I like the added shimmer, takes the usual spring fare up a notch. Wanderlust, Pack Lightly, Boho Blues and Dashboard Dreamer are perfect!

  4. I doubt you suddenly suck at polishing your nails, Cynthia. :p In fact, your swatches are making me want some of these when I didn’t think I did (*shakes fist at sky*). License and Registration Pls is pretty (and I may have to get that for my roommate, lol) and I’m kind of feeling Wanderlust, too. I also like Boho Blues, Dashboard Dreamer, and the peaches on you.
    “However (a fancy but)” made my day. 🙂

  5. I just swatched dashboard dreamer, pack lightly, boho blues and more to explore and they are sooo gorgeous! After seeing your swatches I defenitely need to get wanderlust also, such a pretty polish!!

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