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How about that Superbowl, eh? I couldn’t NOT mention it considering it’s the first time I have ever watched a whole game and of course I thought the power outage was kind of funny. Anyway, this is the first time that I do one of these blogger spotlights which I had mentioned in the past. My reasoning for wanting to do this is that I know how incredibly hard things can be when you first start blogging. I used to always wonder if people even read my blog and then I would get so discouraged. I still feel that way sometimes even now, but I have met so many lovely people because of this blog so I’m always happy to continue sharing my love for polish even when others may think it borders on psychosis.  Although my blog is still a little baby blog in a sea of a million others, I would have loved if someone had done this for me when I first started out.

Today I have the lovely Perly from Nails For All who will be sharing a little bit about herself and her blog.


I started my blog in September 9th, 2012 in course of a school assignment (I studies society and media) about to learn the system of WordPress. At the moment I just had started my “manicure mania” and saw the assignment as a good way to document my progress. -And when it was done I was stuck.
I “only” own about 100 polishes excluding topcoats (and so on), and about the half of them is glitters, my polishbox is screaming for different crème polishes, a truly scarce. Really surprising because of the fact that I love lime crèmes but I’m still not sure about my favorite finish, but I love glitters if I find the right layering polish so glitter would be it. About favorite brands it’s hard to tell, at least it aren’t any Swedish one because the only one I know from here is Viva la Diva and their polishes are kind of boring in my eyes. So out of the brands I own my favorite is China Glaze even if OPI is near to take the spot with the loveliness of Gone Gonzo! But their brushes are way too wide for me to work with. But my most used polish I found in Bulgaria last summer from the brand Flomar.
Among my family and friends I think the most of them know about my blog but probably it´s just about 1-2 of them reading it, maybe because I only have contact with people in school (I don’t have that much time and at my free time at weekends I prefer to visit family) and most of them are sport or game freaks.

What I mostly like about blogging is the fact that I can get and give advice from other that also is stuck in the nail polish obsession. Also I like the fact that I can feel free about when I blog or not, because we are all in the same boat about time for manicure making and blogging in combination with the rest of our lives.

Perly hails from Sweden which is a country I’ve always wanted to visit. Hopefully I’ll get the change to take a vacation there sometime in the future. Here is a manicure that Perly created for this post as well as her adorable mani profile picture:

redhot (2)


profile (2)

Make sure that you check out Perly’s blog at

If you are interested in being featured in a future Blogger Spotlight post, just send me an email and we can chat. Thanks for stopping by today!


12 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Perly From Nails For All

  1. well.. that’s great..

    i didn’t watch the superbowl, i just read on twitter about the power outage and LMAO because the president of Panama, THE PRESIDENT, complained on TWITTER that he thought it was funny that people blamed him when we had outages in our stadium, but when it happened in the SB people blamed the electric company.
    OMG this guy is effin crazy, i think his advisors must suggest him to stop tweeting LOL.

    i even print screened it..
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Purple Stamped GradientsMy Profile

      1. ohh well.. the guy is crazy.. i just posted one of the conversations he had with one of his tweeps..

        this girl told that: let’s go martinelli snapped again..! and he just answered: ohh..
        like when you’re talking with your peeps and you told them something like Shut Upp! LMAO

        Once.. somebody insulted him and he answered back: “Respeta HP”, where HP means: Hijo de P..! and when people started confronting him, he deleted the tweet and told that he meant Harry Potter.. CRAZY GUY!
        mariaemmafaria recently posted..GIVEAWAY! – Of life and lacquer!My Profile

  2. I thought the best part of the Superbowl was when the lights went out! I really look forward to the halftime show & commercials. This year was kind of boring.

    1. I kind of thought it was supposed to be more exciting! I love Beyonce but I dunno…I didn’t think the half-time show was that amazing or anything…even the commercials were kinda meh. Oh well!

  3. I didn’t watch the superbowl except for the halftime show. I just love Beyonce. I can’t think of anyone on Earth prettier than her. Some people may be close in prettiness, but no on could possibly be prettier. 🙂 After halftime- I took a nap. It was nice. I hope you continue feeling better for your next week at work. Thanks for sharing this blip about Perly, I do follow her blog but it was fun to see some of her nails and I agree- I love her profile pic. 🙂
    Nicole recently posted..I’ve Been Everywhere Man, I’ve Been EverywhereMy Profile

  4. Super Bowl? That was last night?? heh… ok I’m kidding..I knew it was last night, but I could care less about it. Some years I’d have it on in the background for the commercials, but this year I literally had it on for about 20 seconds. Only because my bf entered one of those pools, but I couldn’t understand how it worked so I quit football after those 20 seconds. No regrets 😛

    Anyways! It’s so awesome that Perly started blogging from a media class. I wish I had a class like that when I was in school 🙂 It’s great you’re doing a blogger spot light, I wish some one did that for me when I was starting. I felt very discouraged like a lot of people and thought no one was out there…sometimes I still feel like that 😛
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