Alchemy Lacquers Black Forest Truffle

Lately I feel like I’ve been branching out and buying polishes from brands that I hadn’t tried yet. That is partially due to Polish Pickup since you have the opportunity to buy things from so many different makers and they all ship for a super low price. One of the brands that I am super glad I bought polishes from is Alchemy Lacquers because her creations have seriously wowed me. After my first PPU purchase, I went to her website and bought another polish which is what I’m sharing with you today: Alchemy Lacquers Black Forest Truffle from the 2017 Chocolate Bar Collection. Let’s take a look at my swatches below.

Alchemy Lacquers Black Forest Truffle

Alchemy Lacquers Black Forest Truffle

Alchemy Lacquers Black Forest Truffle

Alchemy Lacquers Black Forest Truffle is described as a mauve creme that contains a shifting turquoise to blue shimmer and holographic finish. I am super partial to mauves (hello not my grandma’s color!) and this leans more purple to me. The formula was so nice and was delightfully rich and smooth. For my swatches above, I applied two easy coats for full opacity.

As of the writing of this post, I could no longer find this shade for sale, so I’m sorry if you want it. I purchased mine from for $10 where there are plenty of other gorgeous shades to chose from. You should definitely also keep an eye out for Rebecca’s monthly PPU creations–you won’t be disappointed. I am always happy to try out new brands and discover new favorites even if my wallet won’t appreciate it.

What do you think about this polish? I know I’m super late to try out this brand, so what other gems am I missing? Let me know what you think of this polish in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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