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This might just be the day that Mentality Nail Polish officially lost touch with reality. After reading the Jezebel article that was published this morning, I have concluded that I will not be using any of my Mentality nail polishes. I own about 10 of these polishes including stamping polishes, but I cannot wear them. I regularly use the Mentality Black Opaque stamping polish and although I have never experienced any issues, I refuse to in any way promote their products on my little blog. I am not here to pass judgement on anyone so if you feel like you want to continue to support Mentality by purchasing or featuring their products, that is completely up to you. Just know that you will not see any Mentality products on my blog.

As I stated on my facebook post, there are some really amazing people out there who are creating polish and testing responsibly. So for all of you who are watching the drama unfold, I hope that you realize that this situation is not an accurate representation of the indie polish community. I am very sorry for anyone who has had adverse reactions, pain, damage and stress over this situation.

11 thoughts on “About Mentality Nail Polish

  1. Wow! I’m glad i’ve never purchased them. But what’s going on with it? I’m so out of tune with what’s going on…. 8|

  2. Nevermind Cynthia! I found it on Google.
    How terrible?! This is definitely a nightmare. I’m happy I stick to what I know and what has tried and true works for me.
    I hope the damage to all the people’s nails it has affected is somehow reversible.

  3. I had not been aware of this and am now playing catch up. Thank you for addressing this! I must say – I’m only 5 minutes into reading and I’m already offended by the owner’s FB post before reading anything else. “Now please, there are a great number of very important persons that have demanded my time. I refuse to discuss who they are, but I am working non-stop for them. It is my promise to them.” Urgh. Obviously, these “very important persons” are NOT Mentality’s customers who buy his products. What a jerk.

    1. I honestly think that as bad as the physical damage has been on people’s nails, Mentality’s attitude and way of handling everything has basically sealed their fate. There is no way that they are coming back from this.

  4. I’ve been reading about this on various blogs ever since I posted my first comment here. Your helpful link led to me one blog, and links from there led me to others, etc. All I can say is, the fact that the company owner seems to think his customers are unfairly harassing him, when people are having painful health repercussion due to his products, absolutely astounds me. I shall never, ever, EVER buy a thing from them. The callousness and arrogance are so shocking I’d swear he was a Will Ferrell character, except he is not – and people are getting hurt. Worse, some people may still not even know about these issues. *smh*

  5. Thank you for posting this & standing up to them. Too many companies get away w/dangerous products when not enough people make it known. Blue Buffalo pet food causes pets to get seriously sick & worse, yet the company ignores the problem. There are many complaints against them when you google it.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I was unaware of the issue until I read this article. I applaud the stand you are taking and I plan to no longer use any Mentality polishes.

    Unrelated to my use of Mentality, I have experienced issues with not only fungus but even more serious, mold, and the lifting of my toenails. It is very possible for it to spread to your other nails and is very very difficult to resolve.

    There are far greater health issues involved than simply “appearance”. Anyone affected should definitely go see their Dermatologist for diagnosis and care.

    In my opinion, Mentality’s response is unforgivable, they owe their customers better treatment than what they did, not just morally but legally as well. This issue will not die down anytime soon for them.

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