31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 28: Pattern Inspired Nails

I can see the finish line…I can see it! After today’s challenge, there are only 3 more challenges left, and then we are done! I am pretty sure this is my first AND last challenge…not that I didn’t enjoy it for the most part but it was just to much and way too long. While I wondered that the heck to do for the pattern inspiration, I saw this really cute paisley pattern dress in my closet so I decided to just use my paisley stamp and not worry too much about it.

China Glaze Jungle Queen Max Factor Fantasy Fire BM 315

Want to know how I created this mani? Read below….

China Glaze Jungle Queen Swatch         China Glaze Jungle Queen Swatch

I freaking love Jungle Queen. It’s one of my favorite–if not my favorite–polish from the On Safari collection. This is two smooth coats.

China Glaze Jungle Queen Max Factor Fantasy Fire          China Glaze Jungle Queen Max Factor Fantasy Fire

And this is Jungle Queen with one coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire which I am now calling Jungle Queen On Crack.

China Glaze Jungle Queen Max Factor Fantasy Fire BM 315          China Glaze Jungle Queen Max Factor Fantasy Fire BM 315

I used Essie Nothing Else Metals to stamp the paisley design from Bundle Monster plate BM 315.

I’m not feeling too talky today…I am not feeling well at all. I had some pizza and it somehow started a lot of bad stuff in my stomach. lol Let’s leave it at that. hahaha Let me know what you think of this mani and don’t forget to check out Nicole’s IKAT nails over at Polish Me, Please!

12 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 28: Pattern Inspired Nails

  1. These are very cute, nice color combo of the purple & I love the paisley pattern. Hope your stomach stops dancing & takes a nap!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been obsessed with Fantasy Fire lately. I am feeling better…I should definitely not eat pizza because it always does a number on my stomach. Too bad I love it so much. haha

  2. These are gorgeous! Hope your tummy feels better soon…it is a feeling I am familiar with. Every time I see anything with Fantasy Fire, my mouth just waters! And over Jungle Queen, it is beautiful. This collection came out before my obsession began, but it is definitely going on my wish list now! Feel better.

    1. Oh gosh, the whole On Safari collection is perfection. It’s my favorite fall collection and probably my second favorite collection of 2012. I have to get some back up bottles of Fantasy Fire because they are so tiny!!!

  3. I’m usually all “just say no to crack” but after seeing the jungle queen on it I’m thinking I should reconsider. You just set the whole DARE movement back a decade. Is there even DARE anymore? Anyway this looks awesome. Nice pattern. 🙂
    PS: this is my last long challenge to. I’ll stick to 10 dayers max.
    Nicole recently posted..Day 28: Inspired By A Pattern- Ikat TutorialMy Profile

    1. DARE! LOL My brother found his DARE certificate a couple of years ago and we nearly died…so funny. I don’t know if it still exists…was McGruff part of DARE? “Take a bite out of crime!” hahahahaha

      Yes, just say yes to nail crack!

  4. OMG, DARE! I totally remember having to to this DARE graduation ceremony thing and we had to sing the DARE song (yes, there is one) and I still remember the stupid song to this day. DARE…to keep kids off drugs…DARE…to keep kids off dope…DARE…to give a kid some help…DARE…to give a kid some hope…why don’t you HELP US!?!? LOL! I also remember that the school randomly mailed me my DARE t-shirt when I moved to CA. I don’t think the program exists anymore.
    Anyway, random aside over. I LOVE Jungle Queen on Crack! Sorry to fail you, DARE, but it is just so drool-worthy.
    New random aside: my middle name is Dale and it is weird to keep typing DARE because I feel like I am misspelling my name. I may as well bring this up because my middle name is about as controversial as my handwriting. Everyone thinks it’s so weird and odd and makes fun of me for it (especially my brother, haha)…I personally don’t really think it’s that bad, but I guess the rest of the world does!
    And now I want pizza, hahaha. I hope you feel better by now!

    1. First of all, I do not remember a DARE song and my school was HUGE on DARE because I lived in the ghetto. hahaha We did have this really awesome police officer who would come to my school who used to do magic tricks and all that. I wish I could remember his name because we all thought he was so freaking awesome. I’m sure he would be disappointed by me endorsing crack…even if it’s just on my nails.

      And second of all, I can see how your middle name is controversial. lol My favorite English teacher in HS was named Dale but he was a he…a he he. I have NEVER met a woman with that name so it sounds interesting to me. I don’t have a middle name so I never have to hide it like so many people. I wish I had a middle name. I remember in elementary school I wanted my middle name to be Crystal and went through a phase where I wanted everyone to call me that…but it never caught on. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

      1. Well, I was not necessarily in the ghetto, but I was in New Jersey, sooo…same difference, I guess?
        I think I kinda went through DARE twice…I feel like I did it in elementary school and I’m kinda remembering some sort of short program in middle school, too. Maybe it worked…drugs kinda scare the crap out of me.
        Yeah, everyone says it’s a guy’s name. My first name is actually originally a guy’s name, too…I have met probably at least 3 guys in my life with the name. APPARENTLY the guys’ spelling is Leslie and the girls’ spelling is Lesley, but no one knows that or follows it. That’s probably caused me more problems than Dale, haha.
        I guess my parents liked unisex names. Someone once said to me, “Man, your parents must have really wanted a boy!” and I was like, “Nooo!” Of course my brother got two perfectly nice, completely male names, haha. I don’t really mind it…I like that it’s not Ann or Marie like so many peoples’, but feel like I always have to defend it.
        I work with someone who doesn’t have a middle name and she is super-bitter about it. Middle names…causin’ drama all over the place!
        I like your fantasy name of Crystal, haha. Sounds like something I would do. My I-like-to-pretend-it’s-my-name name is Veronica.

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