Tonic Berried Un-Teal Spring

I have been enjoying posting swatches so much this last week, and I am glad to say that I pretty much exhausted a large part of my archives. I still have swatches of polishes on another computer, but I fear they might have been corrupted. I guess I’ll have to try and restore them if I can. Today I have the last of the SHIMMAHS group custom polishes in my stash to share with you: Tonic Berried Un-teal Spring. To be honest, I don’t think I have anything in my stash quite like this so I was very happy when I received it. Look at the pretty swatches!

*****Purchased Myself*****

That shimmer is so beautiful and the contrast is striking. The formula on this polish was absolutely perfect and creamy so I only needed 2 regular coats for my swatches above. I bought this baby for $12 directly from Tonic, but sadly it is no longer available. There are so may nail polish groups out there that I know it can get overwhelming, but if you find some good ones that are active and have great and supportive members, it can make a huge difference. I know that some of us are in more nail polish groups than we can keep track of and the stupid Facebook algorithms make it even harder to keep up with stuff, so enjoy the fun groups! Now that I have posted so many limited edition polishes that aren’t readily available, do you prefer to see polishes that you can easily obtain? Normally I tend to post a lot of mainstream collections but I have definitely started to change focus and feature a lot more indies. Either way, I would be happy to hear what you think in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!


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Tonic Berried Un-teal Spring Tonic Berried Un-teal Spring

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